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  1. Well, just curious but i would like to know if this is being considered or already rejected
  2. So yeah, basically sometime I have to switch sides of my speakers just because of electric socket placements, that's why I would love if you can add channels reversing feature. Not really critical, but feel kinda wierd when channels is swapped
  3. its called waveform seek bar, not frequency progress
  4. what he said also depend on what kind of headphones/earphones you are using. But EQing head/earphones is kinda advanced and requires some knowledge, so pretty much its an audiophile thing
  5. the only way to cut intros (which I assume those are not silence) is to manually cut it, since cut silence only trim the parts where sounds aren't present, and Poweramp is a music player, not an audio file editing program. Audacity is a good tool to do the job, cutting/edting sound tracks that is.
  6. Stop asking, start poking, you will get your answer even before you can come up with the qestion
  7. THIS. I alway rely on album artist tag to organize my library. Was about to post this as well
  8. from what I heard, you are allowed to have 1 copy per account, so if you retrieved the account on your old phone and sign in on your new one, thing should be okay
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