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  1. Yeah, I used Tactile Player for a while, but it does crash, and I have to remember to run it all the time. So +1 from me.
  2. I love the album screen where I can see the thumbnails of all the albums, and sort it by artist, but within artist it then sorts by alphabetical order. Feature request : an extra sort option that would allow sorting by artist/year. So The Beatles would be sorted: Please Please Me With The Beatles A Hard Days NIght instead of A Hard Days Night Abbey Road etc... mtia
  3. I have tried all the defailt themes and two paid ones, all have this background and I would like the option to turn it off. You can remove it from the sides of the album art by zooming a little, you can remove it from the top and bottom by zooming a lot but then you crop off the sides of the cover, not a good option.
  4. Another vote for being able to remove this. While it does on occasion look good, most times it detracts from the album art. h
  5. Tried the Black Neon theme, and I still get the coloured background. This may be a Note 2 problem because the screen is so big? h
  6. I dont really like the background that surrounds the album art. I have found the zoom option that allows me to make the album art as wide as the screen but there is still a band above and below the album art that Poweramp colours in with some colour scheme taken from the cover. Is there a way to remove this short of either cropping the sides of the cover off by zooming more (unacceptable) or writing my own wps? h
  7. Is there a way to turn off that horrible albumart background colour matching thing. I dont like it, and would prefer black. I have searched all the menu options, I think, and searched here as well, but found no solution. h
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