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  1. This bug was fixed but then the latest version of Poweramp is behaving the same way. The Recently Added playlist no longer works. 2.0.9 b554 LG G2 KitKat 4.4.2
  2. When I play a song from the Recently Added playlist, the next song played will be from the All Songs playlist instead of staying within the Recently Added list. Device: LG G2 No custom ROM Android 4.2.2 running Poweramp 2.0.9 build 548
  3. The 4x1 widget (using minimalistic 1) rewind/play/forward buttons show up very small. When I resize the widget to 4x2, the buttons show up their normal size. I can send a screenshot if you need.
  4. Hi, this has happened on an S3, S4, and G2. When creating a dynamic playlist and I'm still adding songs after the first song in the dynamic playlist has started, the playlist behaviour begins to act all wonky. The things I've experienced: 1) The song currently playing will requeue and end up being play again 2) at the expense of one or more other songs in the queue (meaning these songs won't play) Then once the queue is "finished", it'll start playing other songs outside of the queue as normal, but the dynamic playlist will have the remaining songs still on queue and they will never be played even if I have set the setting to play all songs in queue until it is clear.
  5. Japultra

    Updated: Poweramp 2.0.5 build-488

    Would you mind emailing it to me? My username @ gmail. Thanks in advance!
  6. Japultra

    Updated: Poweramp 2.0.5 build-488

    The link on the first page doesn't seem to work.
  7. Japultra

    PowerAMP on Droid 4.0.3

    It does work on ICS. I think it might be an issue with your ROM.
  8. Japultra

    Random Reboots on Gingerbread

    I just installed the leaked Gingerbread for the Droid X and have noticed that when using Poweramp, the phone will randomly reboot quite often (3x in 1 hour). I stopped using Poweramp and used the stock music player for 30 minutes and everything was fine. I'm now using Poweramp without the lock screen widget and so far everything seems fine. In fact, I noticed that a couple of the times the phone rebooted was when I tried to unlock the phone from the Lock Screen widget, which is what made me believe it was Poweramp. I'm fairly certain I've isolated the reboot problem to this program. Can anyone else out there corroborate my story?