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  1. Makes sense, thank you! By the way, although I'm certain it will not have any noticeable effect (at least to me), is downsampling all audio to 44.1kHz through SoX better for sound quality than letting Android do it? Since then android won't resample the audio before sending by bluetooth. I'm just asking out of curiosity since I wanna learn more about this stuff. Edit : i realized this question is kind of dumb but its still rude to ignore :/
  2. That's not what I meant. I mean, which resampler is used for resampling from DSP to Bluetooth output device, IF the DSP was set to 48KHz and the Bluetooth output was fixed on 44.1KHz. Like in the attachment. Is this done by Poweramp's resampler, or is this done by Android and is not related to Poweramp? If I'm not making sense in something please tell me, I might be misunderstanding.
  3. Hello. If I am using hi-res audio set to 16/48, SoX resampler, and a bluetooth codec (samsung scalable) that works in 16/44.1, what is it that handles the resampling? Android mixer or SoX through Poweramp? I don't think it's the latter but im trying to understand how this works. Also how significantly (if at all) will this affect sound quality compared to if SoX would have been used instead?
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