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  1. I'm having the same/similar issue. I'm running v2.0.7 build 515 (full version) on two devices - my HTC Rezound phone (ICS) and my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet (JB). I have the same iTunes playlist synced to both devices (which is the only music I have on those devices). All of the synced music has embedded album art. My Poweramp setting are identical on both devices in Album Art Settings: ALL UNCHECKED: Download Album Art, Prefer Downloaded Album Art, Prefer In-Folder Images. I have tried deleting the album art cache, reinstalling Poweramp, and resyncing all music. Here's the problem: On my HTC Rezound - I have no issues. All album art in the Library -> Albums list displays properly. On my Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablet - I have issues. Half of my albums display no album art in the Library -> Albums list (they display the default grey CD case/CD image). However, whenever I play any of the songs from the affected albums, the album art displays just fine on the player screen. I have not downloaded any album art via Poweramp - it's all embedded. Help?
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