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  1. hi there, i purchased years ago Poweramp via paypal and now i lost the unlocker ... tried to activate in the settings..but dosnt find my order id. is there a support mail to solve this? i had the same probs 2012 and get a download link via email... the email linked to this account is also my google id... thanks alot
  2. As the topic says.. Is it possible to add a function to change volume for one Button headsets? I tried the app headset button controller and everything worked fine.. Until i want to resume a track... Nothing happens. Would be nice to have this function in future releases :-)
  3. hi, for a couple of weeks i buyed Poweramp via paypal. after a sofwareupdate Poweramp doesnt work anymore and the unlocker was lost. where can i redownload the unlocker ? my googleaccount is the same like in this account. pls help..i cant life without that player.
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