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  1. Trying to like this app. Two questions, to make sure I'm not actually part of the problem: 1. My soundtracks/compilation/various artist albums are displaying individually by artist instead of by album. I've had this problem with the stock player, DoubleTwist, WinAmp, and now, Poweramp. How do I get the soundtrack/compilation files to group by Album? 2. App either crashes or stops playing entirely when I connect a USB cable for Charge Only. I want to be able to hook my device into a power supply so that the battery doesn't drain (I listen at work all day, 9h). Messages state that when the USB is connected, the SD Card is unavailable. This does not happen with WinAmp or Double Twist. Is there a setting I can change so that my files aren't made unavailable by connecting a power supply (USB Charge Only to my PC)? Using DX with 2.2. Thanks!
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