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  1. K so after getting frustrated with the problem I believe I have located where the problem occurs. The application seeks next track in my mazda with the controls no problem if i have Poweramp up on the phone but as soon as the phone times out and locks itself that is when the problem of seeking to next track causes a pause. I tried to remove the lockscreen swipe screen lock and set it to "none" and re did the same test letting the phone time out and sleep itself. Once it was off I tried to seek to next track and this time Poweramp did not pause my seek. Somewhere in the code for this app and the way it takes the lock screen is causing it some kind of hiccup and is pausing on seek. I hope this issue can be fixed as I have put up with it for a very long time now. Please I hope a developer reads this and looks into it. I love the application and refuse to use anything else but this problem is such a headache and a pain sometimes
  2. I just downloaded Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update and newest Poweramp and am still getting the same error where the track will pause on track seek from car controls. This bug is extremely frustrating as I thought it would be gone when the Jelly Bean update came. Anyone have a fix yet?
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