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  1. don't bother. i have contacted them a few times and got a variety of canned responses that had absolutely nothing to do with the problem i was having.they could have just come out and said we will not help you, too bad for you. i will never purchase from these idiots again. congrats, you got my money, don't spend the 2 dollars all in one place. an absolute joke that they will not straighten out these unlocker problems with legit paying customers and then complain that people will go to pirated versions.
  2. i am also having this problem with a kindle fire hd. when i purchased the program, it asked me to put in the verified google account that the phone was registered to. being a kindle, it isn't a phone and you cant use google play with a nonrooted kindle. so i just put in my hotmail address. i am still waiting to hear from them as my player has now failed registration and will not upgrade. *sigh*.
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