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  1. Hello all! Google play mucic app has a nice popup player functionaty in a file manager (any file manager apps). Could you guys please intorduce someting similar feature to Poweramp playaer? Thanks!
  2. This is possible with the hovering control app. But it's not a perfect solution. Cause it goes to the next track when the app playing music background if we hovering the hand. If it's integrated into the power amp. It's more convenient.
  3. Hi all! I have given 2,3,4 and 5 ratings for my SGS3 music, but power amp app, only shows its 5 start rating songs (on top rating). How do I view 1,2,3,4 rating songs in a one place? Thanks!
  4. In my situation I use few apps, that automatically backup it's stuff to cloud (I guess backup to Google or somewhere), but they're not cloud based apps. For an instance NFC tasks launcher and SMS backup+ (its settings).
  5. Hi! I think if the Poweramp support Tasker (3rd party integration) to control its Equalizer, Adjust Tone, Enable and Disable Tone, Play selected playlist, etc options it's very useful. Thanks!
  6. Are there anyway to backup to cloud?
  7. When I use JB CM10 ROM, I can see there's a SRS and Dolby Digital options in the Tone/vol settings. But after I downgrade to CM9.1, I can't see those options. What is the reason? This new version removed those options? Thanks!
  8. Hello! Please introduce a tall 4*1 widget with animated progress bar and larger album art just like follow. Current Poweramp media player widget’s height not enough. it’s so tiny. Can you introduce following screenshot type widget (Xperia S walkman player).
  9. I'm a new one to the Poweramp pro. I want to know, what is the Stereo X in the Tone/Vol? What is the reason that, if i use maximum Stereo X, sounds destroy (randomly receive creek.... creek.... creek.... sounds) Thanks!
  10. Hello! 1). I like to suggest please add an option to "album art cover downloader " to use "Amazon.com, Discogs, MusicBrainz" online service for download the music albums art cover. Then we can use most appropriate cover arts. 2). Also I like to suggest add an option to "info/Tag editor" to use "Amazon, Discogs, and MusicBrainz" for grab the audio files details. Because of these service has more details and they are good libraries. Some of the computer applications use these services such as "MP3Tag editor". Thanks!
  11. I also like to suggest some more features to the suggestion 2. 1). I would like to suggest some animated progress bar in the home screen Widget. Moreover it’s better if there's a larger album art widget style just like Sony Xperia series stock media player (Widget) (Xperia S meida player).
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