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  1. Hey I saw a topic similar to this in August, and a moderator acknowledged the suggestion, but I was wondering on the status of this: When you voice search (using Voice Actions / Google Now) Poweramp will respond as an optional intent to "Listen to..". However, Poweramp will pull up a list of results as if you had used the search function in the app. I'd like to further suggest that if one result is found (aka - high confidence), Poweramp should automatically enqueue the song and start playing it immediately. As nice as it would be to tap into the Voice Actions API, I know it is not possible to add custom voice actions such as "enqueue <song>" vs "play <song>". Some pseudocode: private void VoiceSearch(string[] VoiceToTextResult) { if (VoiceToTextResult.length == 1) { if (GetResultType(VoiceToTextResult[0]) == ResultType.Song) PlaySong(VoiceToTextResult[0]); else if (GetResultType(VoiceToTextResult[0]) == ResultType.Artist) PlayArtist(VoiceToTextResult[0]); else if (GetResultType(VoiceToTextResult[0]) == ResultType.Album) PlayAlbum(VoiceToTextResult[0]) } private ResultType GetResultType(string text) { ResultType result; //Logic return result; } public enum ResultType { Song, Artist, Album } Then add additional options toggling auto-play or whether to enqueue the result array or add it to the current playlist. Google Music does something like this, and I'm sure the fine devs of Poweramp are just as capable This is one of the minor things holding me back from getting the full version unlocker, as I use this feature a lot while driving. I'd provide more code but of course I have no access to the source so I'm not sure how PowerAmps functions work.
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