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  1. Thanks but this doesn't solve the issue, the album art is still all rounded off in the Library view.
  2. Firstly, thank you @maxmp for bring Poweramp back from the dead, very nice surprise to see and loving the refreshed UI. I have one slight niggle though, I am finding the corner rounding-off on the album art to be a little bit too aggressive making some art look a bit weird, would it be possible to add an option to turn this off or reduce the effect? Thanks!
  3. I've also experienced this. In case it helps I have normal output on and HiRes output off.
  4. Hi, love Poweramp, bought it last week! I have one request, is it possible to make Poweramp override the volume buttons on my phone when under lockscreen, so that they skip forward one track and skip backward one track - rather than make the volume go up and down? Cheers, Mike
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