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  1. You have a point, but "back" ought to do something other than what it does now, which is very surprising.
  2. When playing a song the android "back" button should go to a list just like clicking on the song title goes to the list. (It currently goes to the Android desktop, which doesn't seem consistent with how the back button behaves elsewhere). While clicking on the song title (in the single song display with album art) returns to the list, there seems no obvious way to get from the list back to the single song, short of pressing the "back" button at least 4 times. In this connection, in the single song display the song title and progress bar have two separate clickable areas, song title and progress bar. In the list display, there is also a song title and a progress bar that look very similar, but they behave differently: they are not two clickable areas but one, and they do something different (just clicking once causes the song to restart). I suggest that these be made consistent--both on the single song and in the list there should be a separate clickable area for the song title and progress bar. (I would also like to see clicking on the song title return you to the single song display, but I understand some people might actually want it to restart the track instead. Maybe an option to choose one behavior?) I can play all songs by an artist by long-clicking on the artist. However if I do this 1) The songs are not in any reasonable order. For instance, they are not alphabetical by song, and they are not alphabetical by album. I suggest making them alphabetical by song. 2) When it finishes playing the last track it says "list finished". I suggest that the "next track" button should also say "list finished" rather than taking me to a song by a different artist (I'm not sure if this is a feature request or just a bug). Google Play tells me the app is not compatible with my tablet. I suspect that among other reasons this is because the app requires Bluetooth and my tablet doesn't have Bluetooth. I suggest not making Bluetooth a mandatory requirement to download the app. I know I can still get it from your page but this is annoying.
  3. I have an Idea USA CT802 tablet. Trying to get Poweramp from the Google Play store tells me "This app is incompatible with your unknown CT802." The tablet runs Android 4.0.3. It has 1G memory, 16G of storage, and runs on an Allwinner A10. Screen resolution is 1024x768 (1024x720 that after considering the menu bar) at 160 DPI. I am located in the US. It comes rooted, and I know that that that causes problems with security on some apps, but people with rooted devices have been able to install Poweramp so that can't be the problem. The tablet isn't a phone, but FAQ questions mention installing it on tablets, so I don't think that's the problem either. When I look at the .apk using aapk it says "uses-feature:'android.hardware.bluetooth'". Does that mean that bluetooth is a requirement and that that's why Google Play won't let me download it? (If this is the problem, is there a way I can fake having bluetooth somehow, so I'll be allowed to download it?) Is it just incompatible because Google Play thinks it's an unknown device? If not, how can I determine what features this app requires that I don't have?
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