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  1. No it's still on as the artwork moves up and down but does not actually switch. Sometimes, if you grab it right from the bottom and scroll up very very skowky, it will change but that is like 20:1 tries. Seems strange that the public version works fine yet not in this. I would have thought the code would be the same.
  2. See, I am the opposite. I only use up and down gestures to change folders. I find it easier and faster and actually gives you control.
  3. Swiping up or down will not switch folders like in the previous version. Left and Right skips tracks but Up and Down will move the artwork but not actually skip to the next folder. If using the << and >> buttons, it works fine.
  4. I have the same issue. Shows artwork from prevoius list or folder.
  5. no no no! Please don't develop for iPhone. Keep your track of mind on Android please. Even though Andoid is unique and well superior and has major advantages over IOS, please, let's keep it that way. Let the sheep suffer from buying a crap device. iPods have the worst audio reproduction so I surprises me why people still continue to by iPhone and expect it to be an awesome audio player. I wish I could buy a Poweramp embedded audio player. Now this would be awesome instead of consuming battery power on phones.
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