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  1. Hello, Love the App, it's amazing and I love the power amp widgets. I would love to see a visualization or spectrum widget, I think i would be a really cool feature if it's possible to do. Also, it would be cool to work it into the 4x4 widget. Currently, i'm using the live wallpaper "audio glow". It's really nice and all but I'd rather have visualization widgets that take up a majority of the note 2 screen that only work when playing music... Though audio glow does give me much control over the experience, I'd still rather not use a live wallpaper at all for such A thing. And since i'm really impressed with the app and its quality over all i'm sure you devs could make something amazing. Or maybe do a really cool visualization power amp wallpaper that is very power efficient? In general i think Power amp would benefit greatly from unique and interesting visualizations. Thanks.
  2. Also just to emphasize. Menu--„Äč search works fine but I think search search is really important and should be a greater emphasis of power amp. Which is why I think a different implementation of access would be pretty cool.
  3. What I was thinking was more of an implementation what you tap at the top and it brings down a small search field. That is probably the only thing I miss about ios music player. Tap at the top and search.other than that I totally love power amp. I'll probably stick worth Android just because of this app.
  4. Please make search easier to access. The only thing I miss about ios music player is the quick ability to search. Many of us ios converts with large libraries of music would greatly benefit from easier access to search. If there is one than I apologize I'm new to Android and this app but I love it. Alsi if you could extend search to widgets that too would be amazing.
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