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  1. I recreated it a number of times. I posted here because I had never had any issue in the past. Other launchers are fine (stock, nova, smart etc)...just the launcher that I was using has the issue. I have switched launchers for now
  2. Small update - This looks like a launcher problem - When I switch to the stock launcher, the widget is fine.. I've messaged the launcher guys about it 😕
  3. Poweramp: build-911-arm64-play [911004-cb218340] (64bit full version) Device: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998B/DS) Android: 12 ROM: Stock Hi there My phone updated yesterday to G998BXXU3BUK8 and I am now getting "Problem Loading Widget". Poweramp works perfectly otherwise (including lockscreen etc), just the Widget won't work. Would anyone have an idea? Many thanks
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