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  1. Thanks, Andewiley. I'll send him an Email. Sorry my presence is spotty. I'm homeless, so I'm at the mercy of where there's wifi and a charge for my phone... As far as my old one, it was in my pocket when I fell in a lake, so it's a miracle that it even worked well enough to get the stuff I needed out of it. EDIT: I purchased it from the website in 2017 and I do have the account associated with it on this phone, so all I need is the purchase code that's in the Email account that no longer exists...
  2. Yeah, that's not gonna work cause I'm locked out of the app until it's licensed
  3. Oh, wait. I saw your other part of the post. No, I didn't look in the app for contact info for the same reason I don't look in the freezer for my car keys. That's not where any sane person puts it, but I'll check it out.
  4. It was, and they will, as soon as someone tells me who they are and how to contact them. There's no contact info on the website, at least not that I was able to find.
  5. Two Bugs: I can't activate my license because I no longer have the Email address I used to pay for it, and can't get into get the activation code. Ordinarily, this shouldn't be a problem as I should be able to transfer my license over from my phone where it's still active, but this feature is curiously missing, as is any contact information for the company whatsoever. Edit: The Email address I paid for my license with is just2win@excite.com, but it's okay to share it because no excite Email addresses work anymore, but sending the code to the address I've signed up with here will work too.
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