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  1. Will try and report! Thanks! I did not know about this setting... Did I mention that I love the Poweramp app??
  2. I experience a super strange bug. Unfortunately I did not find a way to reproduce it 100% of the time. But more like 50% of the time. I have my music organized in folders. My main two folder are "listening books" and "music". Most of the time I want to listen to all songs from my "music" folder (and sub-sub-subfolders) in a random order. To do this I go to the folder, select the random button at the upper part of my screen and everything works as intended. Looks like this (in german:) BUT from time to time (like 50% of the time) if I connect to a bluetooth system (speaker in house, or my car), he "forgets" that it should play random files from different folders and only plays music from one album/folder. Again: unfortunately, I was not able to recreate the behaviour 100% of the time. I tried connected, and disconnecting while the music was playing. Or when closing the player (closed even in the "recent apps"/RAM ). It SEEMS to happen more often while playing. But again: not every time, and sometimes also when the player is closed. It’s super strange to me, which makes it very hard to pinpoint… I experienced this behaviour for >2 years now (two very different phones) in that time. It was never a big deal for me, but me new car is going to have bluetooth and I know it will drive me crazy then... So any suggestions/work-arounds would be highly appreciated!
  3. Got it resolved with the awesome support of the developer. (Got a new build of Poweramp. Worked immediately.) Topic can be closed
  4. The Pixel does (unfortunately) not have a SD card. As the files are accessible (I can play the music), I guess your guess might be right, that it is very strange. I'll try what you suggest tomorrow and report here Edit:tested it. Nothing changes. Still no album art whatsoever. I guess it might be a compatibility issue with the new Android. Any suggestions if/how I can help? Log files?contacting support? (never done anything like it)
  5. I'm a happy Poweramp user for many years. Now I switched to the new pixel 6 (android 12). No album art is displayed whatsoever. Not the embedded ones. Not the online ones. When I select album art manually (long click), nothing happens... Poweramp has the rights to write data. Any suggestions what I might be doing it wrong?
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