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  1. I'd like to know the status of single play capability as well. Seems like previous versions allowed for single play, but the current one automatically starts playing the next track by default.
  2. Bump. Good discussions on this. Let's keep it up near the top.
  3. Save your breath. He chooses to not respond to this request, for whatever reason. I guess if he gets the urge to make this simple feature available for folks like us that listen to long audio files, it will be there on one of the future updates. If anyone has come across another player (free or paid) that does a good job of bookmarking, please post it on this thread.
  4. Bump. Anything new with this request?
  5. Max -- I agree, it would be useful for audio books, but I also use Poweramp to listen to alot of hour long podcasts, so a simple bookmark capability would really be nice, IMO.
  6. For whatever reason, max does not want to respond to this Bookmarks post, but I'll keep bumping it up to the top until he does.
  7. If you would, please give us an update on this. Several folks were asking for this capability a while ago. You seem to get back very promptly with other questions from users. BTW, I am a paid user. Thanks.
  8. What is the latest plans for incorporating audio bookmarks into Poweramp? Planned to be added in the next couple releases?
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