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  1. No I meant with windows' columns as you can see on the screen
  2. I don't have to sort a whole collection because I put tracks in folders and folders in folders, it's very clear ! In my library two musics of a different artist can't be in the same folder. And I always use Musicbee to listen to my music on my pc so I don't have to go in my library very often.
  3. Thank you both for your answers. Indeed I think that the only solution would be to change the name of my files. I never wanted to do it because windows always displays the artist's name next to the file name thanks to the tags, so I found it useless to put it in the file name too. I will think about it
  4. Thank you for your answer. I just tried with your application by clicking on the "import external m3u playlist" function, but it doesn't work. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. As you can see on the picture, the file and the image are not good for the music "River" which should have been the one of the group The Knocks and not of Eminem. Is there anything else to do but import the playlist into your application?
  5. I do this because it allows me to have the lyrics file (lrc file) in the same place as the music file, so that it is not a mess in the artist's folder ! I don't have it for all my music, but I do have some. And unfortunatly it's a habit. Poweramp is the first application that gives me problems to transfer my playlist, it's a shame I really wanted to use it
  6. No, I have the artist's name in the file path. All my files are like that artist/Song Name/Song Name.flac. This is why i don't understand why Poweramp ignore the first level, which is the artist one... For exemple it is Eminem/River/River.flac and The Knocks/River/River.flac, but Poweramp ignore the artist level Thank you
  7. Thank you for your answer Indeed noting with artist - title would solve the problems, but I thought Poweramp would search according to the exact path indicated in the m3u file. It worked with my old application (musicolet) and with musicbee. Changing the title of all my files would take too much time... I don't use the album name because I only have one song from it and I know the song titles better than the album titles. Anyway this happens with all the songs that are not part of an album (single tracks) and that I name with the title of the song Being able to check in the second level would solve all the problems! Thanks again for your help
  8. Hello, I am a new Poweramp user and I want to transfer my playlist from my computer to the application. I use Musicbee on my pc and I export my playlist in m3U format, everything works correctly except for the songs that have the same name. For example when a music is called River, Poweramp will display another music from my collection which is also called River. You can see it on the pictures. Poweramp should display the music The Knocks - River which is in position 20 of the playlist (picture 1), but instead it displays Eminem - River which is in position 1845 (pictures 2 and 3). And at the position 1845 there is the music Eminem - River (picture 4) There are musics which appear in double and musics which do not appear in the playlist whereas they appear correctly in the other menus of Poweramp (picture 5) All path files are corrects I tried to change the playlist's format and it didn't work Poweramp build 911 -arm64-play (911004-cb218340) Huawei P20 pro Android 10 What can I do? Thanks
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