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  1. Hi there, tried all of that and no go at all I am totally stumped as in my headphones the sound is superb, maybe the Ugreen device gave up the ghost and is not getting the info properly, as the Amp is fine also. Weird... Thank you
  2. I did save the settings from my A5 and imported them, but I reset Poweramp and used new settings and still the same sound issues, I set theA52 phone up as a new device so no other settings were carried across. Thanks for the reply, in the meantime I shall be resetting the phone, starting a fresh to rule out any bad settings my end.
  3. Hi there I hope someone can help. I used to have a Galaxy A5 2016 and use Poweramp to play music via Bluetooth, I would connect to my Yamaha A-S301 Amp via my Ugreen 30445E Receiver, I have upgraded my phone to a A52s 5G and have again installed Poweramp but now when I play my music it sounds horrible, very muffled at the lowest settings, it is so bad I can't really listen to any music, if I dare to increase the volume via my phone then it is awful. Is this the an issue with some internal Samsung trickery or something in Poweramp I need to adjust. Thanks for any help given
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