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  1. To my understanding there is no option to add the Temp controller to the main player screen even using SKIN customization, Can we please add this feature so Skin customization can access Tempo controller ?
  2. thanks, well Tempo did not need to be a knob, anyway to enter the higher speed would be fine, I guess I have to request it as a feature...
  3. Can this skin add Tempo controller buttons to main player page? could it be updated to do that? Can I hide the sleep timer or the shuffle buttons using this?
  4. would you please clarify if the Tempo / speed Controller can be added to any skin in Poweramp v3?
  5. seekbar would skip content, hence the speed controller is needed. So Tempo could not be added to the main page with no customization... that is sad,
  6. I use Poweramp for audio lectures mainly, I use the fast forward and skip back buttons a lot and need the Speed Controller added to the main player I hate that sleep timer , wish that was not on the main page... anyhow would appreciate recomendation on a v3 skin that fits my need, Thank you
  7. am I missing it or there is no way to add Speed Controller to the main page? is there a v3 skin that has Speed controller on the main player page? I use power amp fro many audio lectures and need to be able to change the speed in the boring parts of the lecture, and would rather those controlls on the main page ?
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