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  1. Thanks for that. Just following up that this workaround did stop the "slow forced rebuild after an update" but at the cost of having to rescan your library manually for any changes or music added. This capability used to work fine before for me and other users in this thread, so I would imagine there was some sort of change at the OS level that Poweramp is currently not handling properly which prevents the Auto Update feature from working as expected. What can I do to help move this from a workaround to a solution that keeps Auto Update working?
  2. I have this exact same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It's super frustrating because it takes forever for the library to rebuild after a reboot or system update. I have tried all the steps listed in this thread and none of them help. This feels like some sort of bug with Poweramp to me. What can I provide to help pin point the root cause?
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