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  1. I'm using a skin for the 1st time after all these years with Poweramp, namely luminous black, and I have a question. In the screenshot attached, is it possible to make the bottom part also seekable and the upper part lead to library-same action as if you click the album art? Is that something I could make myself? Also, possible to group the visualisation, timer, repeat, shuffle buttons?
  2. Ow, wouldn't have that of that. With the android notifications and all. Cheers!
  3. Do you have a settings file to share with your recommended settings? edit: nvm, I read your explanations 😃 what i learnt mostly is that my device doesn't support hi-res audio and a bunch of bluetooth codecs 😛 ty for the post! How'd you get settings to look that dark and removed categories? Is it a skin?
  4. Am I missing this from somewhere in the settings?h ttp://imgur.com/a/JsbrPiI Also remove these buttons on full version? No big deal but confusing whether full works or not. http://imgur.com/a/ueAXJNx edit: nvm second 'issue', reinstalled unlocker and it removed. It sayed full version on about but had these buttons. Also sorry for double post.
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