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  1. On android, app can't start by itself, but some services can be started by Android if some event should be processed by app. In your case, if you mean it starts when you insert headset - you can disable this feature in PowerAMP settings => Headset options => uncheck Resume on headset connection. PowerAMP services and other code is unloaded either immediately or after a short idle time (30 sec). There is "permanent" headset micro service, though it doesn't do anything, eats around 0 bytes of memory and can be disabled by abovementioned option. Thanks!
  2. These tags are not strictly id3 tags. For iTune encoded mp3 - they are id3 comment tag contents (numbers like 0000000040000 000000020000 etc). For lame (and few other encoders) encoded files, it's special mp3 lame binary header. As for mp4/m4a, these are also special iTune metadata "atoms". Also, if your files was processed by some mp3 tagging software which modifies comments tag, iTunes gapless information will be lost. Thanks!
  3. You can control auto-advance between folders/library lists, but unfortunately, there is no option to stop after the song. Thanks!
  4. Hi, the Unlocker is a license, not an app, you should have PowerAMP (Trial) installed - it's the main application. Widget Pack is not application as well - it doesn't have app icon at all. Thanks!
  5. Hi, 1. this is android os issue (especially on Samsung phones) - it's not related to PowerAMP and can happen with or without PowerAMP installed. 2. I'm not sure what your phone model is, but last PowerAMP build has improved buffering for lossless files for some 2.3 phones including Samsung and HTC ones. 3. No, and PowerAMP currently has no space in UI for this. Thanks!
  6. Hi, viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3117#p3117 thanks!
  7. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=20&p=3102#p3102 Thanks!
  8. Sorry, I don't I can reproduce any issues with the HTC Desire S - it's in my test devices pool. Actually, latest PowerAMP releases were optimized for new 2.3.x htc roms with a bit buggy sound subsystem. Thanks!
  9. Hi, by skipping numbers what do you mean exactly? Skipping songs? This can happen because: - no such files actually exist on sd card (files or folder were moved somewhere else, deleted outside of PowerAMP, etc.). Folders Rescan will fix that - sd card is unmounted (e.g. phone is connected as usb storage) - given files are not in PowerAMP supported format - files can't be read (sd card is broken, files were not downloaded completely, etc.) Thanks!
  10. Hi, PowerAMP currently doesn't support streaming directly. Some users was able to use CIFs share over sd card to mount some network drive. Thanks!
  11. admin


    Sorry, what do you mean by "clear a or all songs"?
  12. Interesting idea. For PowerAMP v2.0, abcde... row to the left of lists was planned, but I will look into this as well. Thanks!
  13. I think it's quite possible. Though, left area is reserved for AA (album art) widgets icons, like lyrics. Thanks for the request.
  14. PowerAMP has support for android library playlists and specific folders playlists, which are shared with other apps, and playlist related functionality is on-par or more advanced comparing to other apps (e.g. del dups or resort functionality). Though, library playlists are still android library managed, thus they inherit some issues related to it (failure to read some tags, slow scan, etc.) Some of these will be resolved with PowerAMP v2.0 with custom library. This will be the only app for Android with complete custom media library, so this is something new and requires a lot of work, but it allows really advanced list, playlist, tag and songs management. Thanks!
  15. They won't show up in library as android system library doesn't support it (it does support it on Samsungs, so flacs show up in library on Samsungs, though, tags are broken there). Support for all PowerAMP formats will be in versions 2.x, where custom PowerAMP library will be implemented. Thanks!
  16. Yes, for PowerAMP builtin widgets: PowerAMP Settings => Look and feel tweaks => No widget background For Widget Pack => each widget has configuration dialog when added to the home screen. Thanks!
  17. Please try this build: http://powerampapp.com/download/PowerAM ... ld-380.apk Thanks!
  18. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, support for track info over avrcp 1.3 custom implementation is planned. Though, it probably won't work on some phones, which already implement acrcp 1.3+, but in closed manner (some droid series phones).
  19. Hi, please check your inbox including spam folders for the email from PayPro Global. As I can see, your order was processed OK. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for the info. Flac was already supported by some oems on their 2.1+ ROMs (e.g. Samsung). The android os support for the this or another codec doesn't make any point for PowerAMP as it doesn't use any system codecs.
  21. Hi, 1. what exactly lines do you mean? If it is on end of each line, it can be some weird end of line character or something - I can tell for sure if you can send me example file for tests (to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com) 2. PowerAMP is going to have improved lyrics support (lrc, licensed search and download), thus extended view/dialog for lyrics is possible. Thanks!
  22. Ok, thanks for the request, but how it is related to PowerAMP (which is music player, not a remote control app - there are plenty of RC apps on market btw)?
  23. Hi, thanks for the feedback/request. PowerAMP displays Library entries as is - as they are scanned by system android media scanner. Thus some advanced lists are not easily (fast, memory effecient, etc) possible. PowerAMP v2.x will have own media library, thus, advanced, smart, configurable lists will be possible.
  24. admin


    Thanks for the request.
  25. Equalizer can be turned off only if you have some preset with EQU turned off assigned to either some output or song. Thanks!
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