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  1. Thanks for the request. I will check if this is possible for next planned major release (v2.0).
  2. Folder.jpg and albumart.jpg (or any other jpg supported as album art) virtually can be any size. To reduce stress on device memory and cpu while showing many of such images, these small .pamp files are created. They are created in the folders as this is the fastest way it will display the thumbnails, and this is generally similar to some other desktop apps (e.g. wmp which creates albumart...)
  3. Currently no. You can add songs to current playing playlist "online" though - they will be played when current playing position will come to them, this makes any playlist which is played currently a queue.
  4. Hi, this is small thumbnail album art file used to speed up Folder list view. Can be deleted by Delete Album Art cache, but it will be created again when Folder list is opened.
  5. 1. Shake to shuffle is possible, but there is drawback - sensor will consume some power, pretty major on some devices. 2. This feature sounds interesting, but I need to really see it on other devices (iphone) first.
  6. Hi, thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately, I don't speak Korean ( But may be in future somebody will agree to moderate forum in Korean it may be possible. Thanks again!
  7. Hi, thanks for feedback and requests. More focus on artist pictures is definitely a good feature, I will be looking into adding this into next major release.
  8. Thanks, sleep timer is planned for next major release (v2.0).
  9. Ок, I plan to implement own Library for some of the next major releases of PowerAMP. Own library was actually planned for first release, but given the time it required to implement, I decided to go with the System Library. Custom PowerAMP library will be fast and it will support all the tweaks we can't get from System library, for example - optional smarter artist grouping.
  10. Я уже писал об этом на 4пда (там все же основная дискуссия), напишу и здесь - будет доступна альтернативный способ оплаты (web money - точно). Чуть позже, но будет. В любом случае триальные версии PowerAMP будут работать до этого момента и каждая новая версия сдвигает время вперед (но так не всегда будет).
  11. Thanks for the request. There was no gapless in build 68, and on my test devices I have the same minimal pause between tracks (PowerAMP first always tries to start the playing first, then it updates UI/album art/etc.). Though, on some devices/specific firmwares there can be some difference - due to the new features added.
  12. Hi, thanks for the request. Gapless or/and crossfade is planned for v2.0 At this moment, PowerAMP just have minimal pause time between tracks, because the way it handles new tracks is heavily optimized to reduce the lag. It mostly depends on sd card/cpu speed.
  13. 2 fauxfreshness It will be small (50kb) unlock application which will just enable non-trial mode of main app. Nothing big, nothing to reinstall. 2 ad_insane There are rumors that paypal is going to be enabled for android market very soon. I hope it will be available even before PowerAMP paid version.
  14. I will add this to my TODO list. Thanks for the request. (Currently, if there is no embed art in the file and there no album art can be found in internet, albumart.jpb or cover.jpg or albumart*.jpg or (if all the above failed) any jpg wil be shown as album art.)
  15. Final (paid) application will be priced $4.99 and will be available in a week, I hope. Anyway, there will be always trial version available as well.
  16. No, this is not supported by FFmpeg atm.
  17. Hi, yes I noticed that too on some phones, BT headset is peeked up by standard player. This will be most likely resolved in next minor update (like in a week).
  18. Hi, try to uninstall beta version (or any other version you have now) first completely (may be even reboot phone after that), and then install market version.
  19. Standard last.fm app also works for PowerAMP, if you select scrobble via Simple last.fm in PowerAMP. SLS support should be checked as well in Last.fm app settings.
  20. Thanks for the request, but this is already implemented. Unless you mean any possible tag, not any song )
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