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  1. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3117#p3117 Thanks!
  2. Hi, viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3113#p3113 Basically, you can drop any jpegs into folders where your music is and they will be picked as album art, though, there is priority for image filenames - see the faq entry. Thanks!
  3. These are considered as hidden files in linux based OSes, but I think I will allow them to be in playlists. Thanks!
  4. Android requires some icon on the status for long-running services (like PowerAMP playing service), without it Android can kill/unload service any second. Though, I'm planning to add few alternative selectable icons in PowerAMP v2.0 and they will be most probably also replaceable by skin packs. Thanks!
  5. You can check this thread (http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/ind ... opic=87847) and few others on this forum for information on iTunes gapless format. The numbers are just usual hex numbers written as text (i.e. big endian). Encoding can be anything supported by id3 (i.e. plain ascii will do) and language=eng. Note that mp3 decoder also has so-called latency, it's 529 stereo samples for layer3. It should be also accounted in your calculations. Mp3 is trimmed at the beginning for delay plus latency and at the end - for padding minus latency.
  6. Thanks for the report - I need to update the test app. PowerAMP now uses milliseconds everywhere, previously API accepted seconds for seeking, so please multiply your seek values by 1000.
  7. PowerAMP v2.0 allows any supported format in Library, including flacs. Also, it fixes some android library issue (like genres or artist tag issues), and have about x10 scanning speed (10-15 seconds to scan 1000 new files into library - android does this in about 240 seconds (nexus 1 - 2.3.4).
  8. Просто обновите Триал (Пробную версию) - с сайта или через Маркет. Спасибо!
  9. DELETE ALL deletes all files which are visible in the current list. Deleting whole folder means other files should be deleted, which are not visible in PowerAMP Folders lists and thus, loss of these files can be unexpected by user. I will think about an option to remove empty folder as well when all files were removed from the folders, though, but this option (it it will be implemented) will be disabled by default. Thanks!
  10. Ravo Проверьте ваш гугл емейл - вам должно было придти письмо о гугла о покупке и инструкции как обновить данные карты. HollyJohn Пожалуйста, проверьте ваш email, включая спам папку - будет письмо от PayPro Global. Спасибо!
  11. You can try to use "permanent" playlist shuffle - i.e. add songs to playlist and re-sort it randomly then just play this playlist (without any shuffle mode). This will give you "pure" random experience even for multiple "sessions" - as randomized list is permanently stored. Thanks!
  12. Almost every PowerAMP list item has small arrow to the right - this opens "long press" menu. Sensitive area for it is actually wider, you don't need to hit exactly the arrow. Thanks!
  13. PowerAMP supports any non-standard flash drives in /mnt/*, plus some additional specific paths. Asus transformer microsd and sd paths are supported in latest PowerAMP build, though songs will be visible only in Folders list. Android library (and any other android API actually), doesn't support more than one storage. Thanks!
  14. This is called normalization, compression or (to some extent) replay gain. Support for something like this is planned for PowerAMP, though, due to the way sound is mixed on android, it's almost not possible to make it louder without changing the master volume (which has very rough steps). Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the request. Currently tap on the album art area is used to bring/hide PowerAMP album art widgets, and any other place is also press sensitive (buttons or other UI elements).
  16. admin


    Thanks for the request.
  17. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3113#p3113 Thanks!
  18. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3120#p3120 Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the feedback! 1. it won't work for automatic album art download (as image writing to tag will require playback stop or can cause skips on phones with slow flash, like SGS), it could work for manual downloading, though, it's not user friendly this way. 2. if you mean status bar pull down notifications window, Android will close this window each time any button is pressed inside it, and also, the size of the notification "block" is fixed. This is why it's not implemented for Androids 2.x, for Android 3.x it's possible and will be implemented. 3. PowerAMP can add multiple files to playlists (either complete list or filtered songs), but yes, separate item selection is also planned (at least for deletion/adding to playlist and tag editing). Re: direct unlock - lock screen functionality in Android is not standard, it basically means every phone/ROM/OEM does it differently, thus, it works on some phones (mostly the phones I have locally for testing) and can fail others. Though it should work on almost all phones from Samsung Galaxy series, I wonder why it doesn't work for your Fascinate, it can be also caused by some other app with lock screen replacement, of by, for example, android secure lock screen/pin enabled. Thanks!
  20. "Authorizing" or "Downloading" for a long time can mean your card wasn't accepted by Google - please check emails from Google Checkout with details on the order. Please follow the links in Google Checkout email sent to your phone google account to resolve card issue or login to http://checkout.google.com. Thanks!
  21. Yes, it does. I test it on HTC Hero and Moto Droid/Mileston, both are still on 2.1. What are the phone models you tried it on, and what was the error message? Thanks!
  22. Hi, thanks for the concern. I think something will be done with this, especially with the fact that PowerAMP v2.0 will have unified Folders+Library, thus such Folders to Library navigation use case will be more frequent. Thanks!
  23. Hi, please try to uninstall anything with name "PowerAMP" from Manage Applications and then reinstall the latest version of PowerAMP from Market. Thanks!
  24. Automatically - no, but it has a tag editor. Thanks!
  25. You can get more volume from PowerAMP (for example, by using LOUD equ preset, adjusting preamp, etc.), but: - you can damage your hearing. Due to this, almost all phones limit max volume (though, there are hacks to remove limit, like Voodoo driver/app) - if you amplify basses, some dynamic range is required, but songs are usually already normalized, thus negative preamp is needed. In this case master volume helps. Thanks!
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