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  1. Please send the email to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com with your order number to get the new unlocker. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the report. Depending on phone model, PowerAMP will use the same amount on cpu/battery as stock player. Some features can raise this consumption (scrobbling, album art downloading), some - decrease (disabled equ or/and tone - though this is less than 1% cpu on neon devices). This comparison is true for the "standard" android formats (mp3/mp4/ogg), non standard formats can't be directly compared, and some of them are cpu hungry (e.g. APEs). I will recheck the Widget pack, but the Widget pack implementation is half dependent on your Launcher app. It's the launcher app who requests "updated" version of widget from Widget pack service. I would suggest checking total/per process cpu consumption with apps like OSMonitor. The apps showing mA usage just use cpu consumption multiplied by some unknown formula to get some mA value. Thus, the total and per process cpu % can give more understanding on what is actually happen on your phone and what drains the battery. Also, the stock android Settings => Abount => Battery is pretty accurate.
  3. PowerAMP wma support is native to PowerAMP, i.e. it shouldn't and actually can't depend on the ROM installed on your device. Though, the wma files can appear or disappear from Library depending on ROM (some ROMs are able to scan wmas into library). PowerAMP supports WMA in Folders on all devices though. PowerAMP v2.0 will have support for any "non-standard" format it supports in Library as well. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the request. Spectrum analyzer FX is planned for v2.1 (was deferred for 2.0). As for auto tagging, these types of services are paid ones, thus it's not just a technical issues, but I'll be looking into adding this feature as well.
  5. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4598&p=9729&hilit=m3u#p9729 Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the report. There is an issue with Asus transformer ROM which prevents PowerAMP from scanning Folders (library works). This will be fixed in PowerAMP v2.0, also this will include the tablet optimized skins.
  7. Please check that these files actually exists on that location and your sd card is not broken (files are playable when phone is connected via usb in any PC/mac player supporting flacs). You can also check the Music Folders setting in PowerAMP, but this shouldn't change by itself, unless PowerAMP settings were deleted/reset. Thanks!
  8. Please check help button in PowerAMP Folders/lib screen. Also, please check here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3117#p3117
  9. Thanks for the request. This is planned PowerAMP v2.0 feature.
  10. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3117#p3117 Thanks!
  11. Hi, thanks for the request. Currently, PowerAMP just uses the stock android Library. On some phones this stock library is capable of recognizing m3u and some other file formats (but have a lot of issues with it). Thus such playlist can appear in library, but that's not guaranted. PowerAMP v2.0 has custom library implementation. Current 2.0 dev. builds support m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl formats. PowerAMP is able to keep in sync with these formats, i.e. any change to playlist inside PowerAMP is written back to the playlist file and vice-versa. Also it possible to export PowerAMP playlists to these formats, though CUE tracks won't be properly exported (as these formats don't support CUE tracks).
  12. It's a planned feature for PowerAMP v2.0 (viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172) Will be supported for mp3/mp4/flac/ape/wv.
  13. You can press hardware Search button in any of PowerAMP lists (or long press menu button, if you have no hardware Search button), and just start typing to filter/search a list. Thanks!
  14. Please contact PayPro support on this via support at payproglobal.com Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the feedback/request. Have you actually tried the PlayerPro volume keys for track changes? Have you noticed how they work? This is because non-rooted/stock Android doesn't send key presses to apps when they are on background or/and in screen-off state. Thus, app should set lock screen to always ON for any key press. This way app will be able to receive the key UP event (key DOWN is not received by player as the screen is off when it's pressed). This basically makes this function only a feature line, but not usable on most of the phones. I have many test devices, and Player Pro doesn't work reliable on any of them. This is why it's not implemented this way in PowerAMP. WinAmp for Android doesn't have such feature at all. Note that rooted or non-stock Android ROM is able to remap the long press on volume rocker to appropriate media key events - this way they are handled by any music player, including PowerAMP (via apps like Remapper). This way it really works, but requires root (or non stock rom).
  16. Currently, by click on title/album/artist PowerAMP goes to the current played list. For PowerAMP v2.0, the main player skin is redesigned, so it's possible to press artist or album separately to go to appropriate list directly. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for the feedback/request. If you mean Shuffle by list, i.e. just album/other list is shuffled, but song order is the same inside the album - this is planned feature for PowerAMP v2.0. Note that PowerAMP treats almost any list as "album", not just albums, but also folders, artists, playlists, genres, etc., thus it will be able to shuffle by any of these lists.
  18. This can happen if PowerAMP reshufles the list due to the some reason: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1403&p=4933&hilit=reshuffle#p4933 Note that PowerAMP also has a "permanent" shuffled playlists - these are user created playlists which can be randomly sorted, forever. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the request. PowerAMP v2.0 has redesigned skin which has Album Artist clickable similar to stock Android 3.0 player. The click navigates to appropriate list immediately.
  20. Hi, thanks for the request. Yes, this is the issue with Android 3.0+ (long press on menu is not supported), this will be handled in PowerAMP v2.0 via special skins optimized for tablets.
  21. Shuffle has several modes, actually 3: Shuffle ALL Shuffle current list only (depends on which list is currently selected - folder/playlist/album/artist/genre) Shuffle NONE. You can switch between modes by pressing SHUFFLE button or long pressing it. SHUFFLE from lists will shuffle in "Shuffle current list only" mode. Also, PowerAMP is able to randomly sort user created playlists. This produces sort of permanent shuffle which can survive phone reboots, etc. - as the playlist entries are literally shuffled and kept in that random order forever. (Playlists => any playlist => menu => SORT). PowerAMP v2.x will add additional shuffle mode - Shuffle by list, when song order in a list (album/folder/etc) won't be shuffled, by the lists itself will be randomly picked. Thanks!
  22. Hi, all lyrics are copyrighted, thus enabling lyrics download is not just a technical matter, but also a legal/$ matter. PowerAMP can't go the way some other players do and just use illegal lyrics sources. Still, there is planned support for adding licensed lyrics download to PowerAMP v2.0 (more on this here- viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172). Thanks!
  23. Hi, thanks for the report. If you're on PowerAMP 1.4, you can try to enable Headset Priority option in PowerAMP Settings => Headset options. Note that PowerAMP headset functionality can be affected by other apps which set their headset priority higher than PowerAMP's - you need to disable headset support in such apps then (WinAmp, mort player, etc.).
  24. Hi, you're experiencing issue with your Market app - it's the app who downloads/installs the other apps, including PowerAMP Unlocker. This can be related to the status of your order (not authorized), to internet connection issue, etc. For example, if your card and/or order wasn't accepted by Google, Market shows PowerAMP as Purchased, but download/install doesn't work, download is canceled immediately, no further messages are shown to the user. This is how Market development team understand the "usability". You can only check your order status via emails sent to your phone google account or on http://checkout.google.com
  25. WAV file is container for many various codecs and formats, PowerAMP supports only subset of them. In your case, software resampling for WAV files is currently not supported (it's supported for FLACs, Wavpacks and some mp4 currently). Thanks!
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