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  1. mi6 Not sure about missing playlist export, there will be just a playlist import/export to m3u/m3u8/pls/wpl/papl formats, also recognized playlists will be just immediately available in PowerAMP playlists list - and changes to these playlists are synced back to the underlying m3u/etc. file. Recently added/most played/top rated lists are also planned for PowerAMP v2.0. Also, PowerAMP v2.0 doesn't have folder and library playlists anymore, it's just Playlists (as library is now custom implementation, not separate Android stock library). PowerAMP public 2.0 TODO list is here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172 Thanks!
  2. There is no such matter as "default-ness" for players in Android. PowerAMP is set as handler for files on sd card. So if you open the file from File Manager, PowerAMP will be in the list of apps for that file. PowerAMP is also is set as headset handler, provided that headset options are enabled in its settings. As for other possible source of music (e.g. email attachments), PowerAMP doesn't support these due to the "scary" permissions required for these. For example, email attachment requires "Read email attachment" permission. There are no video players currently for android which allow plugging the other players like this, also this is technically almost impossible (due to the video-audio sync which should be withing milliseconds). Estranged 1. try to raise PowerAMP headset priority in PowerAMP Headset settings 2. try to disable headset support in other 3rd party players (yes, they can affect headset functionality this way).
  3. Coming with the 2.0 release. 2.0 beta is planned to the end of July.
  4. blackstill191 viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1144&p=9910#p7820 asp Вы должны, собственно, скачать/установить Разблокировку с Маркета. К сожалению, статус Приобретено в Маркете не означает, что программа успешно приобрелась. Гугл высылает емейл на ваш гугл аккаунт с описанием проблем, но в самом маркете просто не дает скачать/установить программу без всяких объяснений.
  5. Deferred - not going to be in PowerAMP 2.0 release. Thanks!
  6. Playlists (both PowerAMP folder playlists and Android os implementation) are per sd card. PowerAMP v2.0 will have ability to export/import playlists to various formats as file on sd card, thus PowerAMP playlists will be "portable" (though, change in folders structure can break playlists anyway). Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the report. NEON support is needed only for WMA pro files (they will play on non-NEON devices, but skips are possible with screen-off). Please indicate your phone model/android os version and sens the failing track to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com.
  8. Thanks for the report. Caching works only for downloaded album art, embed album art is always extracted. Though, 640kb album art shouldn't take more than 100ms to decode (which is slow of course, but this is phone, not pc). PowerAMP uses special algorithm which ensures the decoded image won't be larger thant 1000x1000px (even if it's originally larger than that), so the top time should be constant. "Several seconds" is somewhat unusual. It can be something with the image format as well. PowerAMP album art resolver/downloader is currently runs in the separate thread and album art download requests are serialized, though, it won't affect the playback functionality - this runs in isolated specific threads independently of other parts. Please send that (one) track to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com for some tests. PowerAMP v2.0 now processes multiple album art images (up to 5) in advance and I want to be sure that all types of embed art is processed fast. Also, what is your phone model/Android os version?
  9. I'm not quite sure what do you exactly mean by fixing the failed files, Application Manager (Android Settings => Applications => Manage Applications) won't help with that as this issue usually associated with the failing SD card (sd card should be checked for errors/reformatted/replaced). Thanks!
  10. Do you have doubles in PowerAMP Library or Folders? In later case you have dups in file system, in the former (and if these songs also duplicated in stock player Library) - system media scanner is either failed to properly scan tracks or it actually is still in progress - rescanning large number of songs (> 1000) can take a time (for some phones/sd cards - hours). Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the feedback. You can change behavior of these buttons to desired one via PowerAMP Settings => Look and feel tweaks =>
  12. Hi, if your order can't be processed, it won't be processed (in your case as you don't initiate the bank transfer, order won't be processed), but you can also contact PayPro Support via support at payproglobal.com. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the ringtone sets current/selected track as phone ringtone, there is confirmation dialog which clearly explains that. This button will be non-touchable in case of "non-standard" file format/location (Android supports limited # of formats/locations for a ringtones).
  14. Will be done. Thanks!
  15. Have you updated your ROM recently? Try to reset PowerAMP with Manage Applications => PowerAMP => Clear Data. Thanks!
  16. Ok, tested also stock SGS player with stock Equalizer/Effects and PowerAMP without Equ/Tone, final table: - Samsung Galaxy S 2.3.3 RSJV3 - PowerAMP v.1.4 build-387 - repeating over All Songs - mp3 (90% of songs), others are mp4/flacs - screen off/airplane mode/wifi off/bt off - volume=0% Stock player 10 hours playing: - all effects OFF - battery % left= 74% PowerAMP 10 hours playing: - all effects OFF - battery % left=73% ======= Difference = 1% Stock player 10 hours playing: - equ ON (custom, all knobs moved to +1), Wide effect ON - battery % left= 71% PowerAMP 10 hours playing: - equ ON (bass preset), tone ON (bass and treble on 30%), other settings @ default - battery % left=70% =========== Difference: 1% [darkalchemist] CPU/Battery consumption for just stock/PowerAMP players is about 3% per hour. Everything a top of this is Cell/3g/wifi/bluetooth/display/other apps. The tests were done to test just a cpu/battery consumption by apps, with everything else factored out. Cell/3g/wifi is extremly power hungry in android phones (comparing to scaled down cpu consumption). SGS in Airplane mode can lay on table for a month without complete discharge. With 3g on it takes 1.5 day for 100->0 discharge.
  17. Beep means there is incoming headset button press command. If you're sure you didn't press anything on headset while this happened, it can be due to: - hardware issue (connector harware mailfunction) - wiring/connector issue (try another headset) - software issue - some other app generates headset button press events. You can disable PowerAMP Headset support in PowerAMP Headset options, but the headset command will just invoke stock (or other 3rd party) player then. Thanks!
  18. Ok, 2 tests are complete: - SGS 2.3.3 RSJV3 - repeating over All Songs - mp3 (90% of songs), others are mp4/flacs - screen off/airplane mode/wifi off/bt off - volume=0% Stock player 10 hours playing: - all effects OFF - battery % left= 74% PowerAMP 10 hours playing: - equ ON (bass preset), tone ON (bass and treble on 30%), other settings @ default - battery % left=70% I would say 4% difference for 10 hours playing is somewhat unexpected, I expected larger difference. It's clearly visible that while stock SGS 2.3.3 player is able to offload mp3 decoding (or hide it), it is not free for the battery, and PowerAMP is on par more or less even in this scenario. I will do also tests with SGS stock player + SGS stock equalizer ON and PowerAMP with equalizer/tone OFF.
  19. In case of Samsung SGS1 on 2.3.3, it seems to use some hardware player or somehow else offload the MP3 decoding from CPU. This applies only to 2.3.3 only to SGS and only to MP3. MP4/AAC/FLAC is clearly decoded on CPU in stock SGS player. As a side effect, Android 2.3+ new audio subsystem effects don't seem to work for MP3 on SGS 2.3. I wonder how this passed the Android CTS tests (platform compliance tests). It's interesting to compare new SGS 2.3.3 mp3 decoder with PowerAMP for a battery life time. I will do the tests (though it requires couple of days). Results will be posted here. Btw, new PowerAMP v2.0 Direct Volume Control works perfectly on SGS 2.3.3. Clean non-distorted bass level just rocks on this phone + ROM.
  20. Hi, this is already possible (PowerAMP v1.3+), you can assign equalizer presets to a song or whole "current" played list (folder/album/artist/etc.). Press PRE => long press (or press arrow to the left) any preset, then use Assign. Thanks!
  21. PowerAMP v2.0 has stereo widening/crossfeed/3d sort of effect (already implemented in dev builds). The actual sound produced by this FX is controlled by knob similar to bass/treble - from light widening to pretty hard 3d effect on extreme level. Combined with the Bass, it sounds similar to SRS or to Samsungs 5.1 (or even better ). But PowerAMP version is somewhat user configurable, you configure the FX level, you configure bass level, etc. VS just on/off. Thanks for the feedback anyways.
  22. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3115#p3115 Thanks!
  23. Try to reduce preamp, or start with turning off tone and selecting one of the pre-build Equalizer presets. Thanks!
  24. Are you on Android 2.3? This one has a bug which sometimes hangs the android audio system during BT disconnection. This affects any app which plays sound directly (i.e. game like Angry Birds), this is not fixable in app (as very low level audio system is freezing). The pause on headset disconnection option in PowerAMP actually helps. The system media player and players which are GUIs over the system media player are not affected. Also, you don't need to kill PowerAMP in case this happened. Just long press > button to STOP PowerAMP and exit it for 30 seconds. PowerAMP unloads in 30 seconds of idle and will work ok on next start.
  25. Функция снятия с паузы может либо быть включена, либо выключена. Определять наличие какого-то либо приложения в памяти (AmblingBookPlayer) стоящего на паузе на андроиде невозможно. Но, если другое приложение поддерживает AudioFocus API (API доступно c андроид 2.2+), то если оно начинает играть, PowerAMP получит сообщение об этом и поставиться на паузу. Никаких других механизмов узнать о проигрывании чего либо в другом приложении нет, да и не нужно, так как для этого есть данное AudioFocus API, но приложения должны поддерживать его. PowerAMP - поддерживает. Спасибо!
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