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  1. Hi, native player doesn't take 1%, PowerAMPs cpu/battery consumption is on par with stock player on SGS (though, PowerAMP has much more powerful DSP). viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1878&p=10018&hilit=cpu#p10018 Thanks!
  2. Poweramp-2.0-build-430-beta-1.apk Known issues with the beta 1: - settings will crash if Poweramp installed on SD Card (move it to main memory) Changelog: - will be posted later (please refer to completed TODO here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172) What's not in this beta release (but will be in final 2.0 release, mid October 2011): - 4x1, 4x2, 2x2 widgets - couple of extra skins (external apk/jars) - widget pack compatibility - a bit better skins for tablets. 2.0 release works on most Android 3.0+ tablets, still, skins are not optimized for large screens in this release (planned for 2.1) - help update - skin SDK - settings backup to sd card/restore deferred until 2.1
  3. If everything goes ok, 2.0 beta will be posted on this forum around 30 Sep. This won't include some functionality though (few minor options missing, no widgets). Thanks!
  4. Track is a Bundle, i.e. basically a hash map, as described in PowerAMPiAPI.Track.
  5. Sorry, I'm currently busy with finishing PowerAMP 2.0. 2.0 feature set is complete and finalized, so I don't accept any requests for this release, while some phones do support BT track id stuff via avrcp, there is no any support in Android API for this. Generally, it requires dirty hacks to work for any 3rd party app, but this is still possible. I already investigated this issue and most probably this will be scheduled for one of the next PowerAMP releases, but only if the hack will prove to be stable. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the attention on 2.0 progress, I'm quiet as I don't have time and resources for a forum currently, as PowerAMP v2.0 development continues. ETA for beta is August. Some non-essential planned features are deferred (v2.x+ releases) to make PowerAMP v2.0 release a reality. Additional skins and skin SDK will take additional time, full market release will be when these are done.
  7. This is possible with android backing up apps, also PowerAMP v1.4 is able to backup settings to cloud, but this is Android OS controlled backup which happens "sometimes", i.e. the process of backing up to cloud is not controlled by user or app. PowerAMP v2.0 will have the settings export into simple xml file on sd card. Thanks!
  8. Спасибо за отзыв. Опция выбора папок в PowerAMP 1.х действует только на список папок. Кэш должен был появится именно в Папках. Библиотека же обновляется системным медиа сканнером, который запускается после монтирования сд карты и ребута, и сканирует весьма не быстро.
  9. Thanks for the request. I own the same BT50 from Sony, but unfortunately, these extra buttons are just not recognized by Android BT driver/subsystem.
  10. PowerAMP uses system library currently. On some phones/android versions/ROMs it combines albums, on some - groups per artist (i.e. it's not even the same across various phones). PowerAMP v2.0 now has user switchable option to group albums either by just Album tag (one album visible with multiple artists) or by Artists Albums (many album+artist entries per compilation album). Thanks!
  11. Please contact support @ poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com Thanks!
  12. Hi, yes it does. For details, refer to PowerAMP API section on this forum. Thanks!
  13. No at the moment. Thanks!
  14. Hi, thanks for the feedback. Disappeaing playlists is a ROM issue and PowerAMP can't do anything (almost) with it. You can workaround it partially with Folder Playlists - these won't disappear unless PowerAMP settings/database is cleared (with Applications => PowerAMP => Clear data). PowerAMP 2.0 won't use system library and won't be affected by any bugs in the library, this is why it's "almost". Thanks!
  15. You can exit PowerAMP with back button. Other components (like services) can be started and killed by system. Also, in Android app process is not an app managed component at all. viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3115#p3115 Thanks!
  16. Use the "Visit PowerAMP Site Button". Thanks!
  17. PowerAMP doesn't "use" battery or cpu when it doesn't play. Android apps don't need exit button (also true for, e.g. iOS apps). More on this here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=810&p=3115#p3115
  18. Hi, what is exactly the problem with these files? These are cached album art thumbs used by PowerAMP for faster folders display. This way it works much faster than, for example, if they are placed into some separate folder, and they are basically similar to cached album art created by wpm and some other players. Thanks!
  19. Your case is a bit unusual. Have you checked spam folders? In any case, please contact support @ poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for the request. Generally this is possible only for Androids 3.0+. For 2.x, the notification panel closes itself on anything clicked inside app's notification block. This makes buttons like > unusable there.
  21. Folder playlists are playlists created by users with songs from Folders. Basically, it's the same as just library/other players user created playlists, but Folder Playlists can include "non standard" music formats. PowerAMP v2.0 unifies these, there is only on Playlist list, no division by Folder and library, in fact, there won't be library playlists anymore as PowerAMP v2.0 doesn't use system library (but it's still possible to import/export playlists to/from library). Thanks!
  22. You can control this via PowerAMP Settings => Advanced Tweaks => Audio Focus options. Thanks!
  23. Please contact support @ poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com. Thanks!
  24. Please contact support @ poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com on this matter. Thanks!
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