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  1. localh0st

    PowerAMP still processes headset MEDIA_* events as usual. Make sure no other apps intercepting/cancelling these messages before PowerAMP.


     Please check comments in PowerAMPiAPI.java for OPEN_TO_PLAY command (around line 94).

    startService(new Intent(PowerAMPiAPI.ACTION_API_COMMAND).putExtra(PowerAMPiAPI.COMMAND, PowerAMPiAPI.Commands.OPEN_TO_PLAY)
    .setData(Uri.parse("content://com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ALL/" + id)));

    The code above will force PowerAMP to play file from All Files list, by song id. You can also force to play it from other lists.

    Note that PowerAMP can play only from "external" storage.

    ALL/ARTIST/ALBUM/ARTIST_ALBUM/GENRE_ALBUM categories are library categories - media store ids are expected.

    FOLDER is special category - own ids namespace is used.

    2. This setting looks this way (right click on project => Properties).

    Of course you should have the poweramp_api_lib project first imported into Eclipse workspace.


  2. ledipo09

    Это может быть если оплата не прошла. Маркет в этом случае помечает приложение как купленное, но скачать не дает (очень "умный" подход со стороны Гугла),

    при этом высылается письмо на гугл аккаунт телефона о проблеме с заказом.


  3. Добрый день.

    К сожалению, гугл не предоставляет поиска заказов по гугл аккаунтам - только по номерам и именам.

    Залогинтесь своим старым аккаунтом на http://checkout.google.com, чтобы посмотреть свои заказы на маркете там.

    Вомзожности переноса приложений между аккаунтами тоже в данный момент нет. Вы можете приобрести новую копию на новый аккаунт и послать старый и новый номер заказа мне для возврата денег.


  4. Доброго.

    1. PowerAMP исполняет все команды с гарнутуры, что до него дошли. Могут не дойти, если, например, у вас стоит что-то что перехватывает их и тд.

    2. Зависимости от вложенности папок с обложками нет. Обложки могут не нахордится, напрмер, из-за недостатка тегов и других общих причин.

    Вы можете добавить обложку в виде jpeg файла в папке с песнями, вы также можете выбирать альтернативные найденые обложки долгим нажатием на обложку в главном экране. Последнее не сработает, если обложки не могут быть вообще найдены из-за проблем с тегами.


  5. poweramp_api_lyrics_proto

    This is prototype application utilizing Poweramp AA (Album Art) widget functionality. AA Widget is basically sort of app widget in Poweramp Album art area in main player screen. It's possible to display almost everything the app widget developer wants, and get user interaction events back in the app.

    Poweramp manages multiple AA widgets internally and shows appropriate UI for them - Close button (which remembers it's state), and selectable icons to switch between AA widgets.

    Example use of AA widgets are providing song lyrics, song extended information (e.g. pulled from internet), artist/album info, etc.


  6. poweramp_api_example

    This is sample application utilizing Poweramp API, it consists of 4 activities:

    MainActivity - provides basic, but pretty complete UI for Poweramp player functionality:

    - current track info

    - current track album art

    - <<<, <<, >, >>, >>> buttons, with long press doing the same actions as in Poweramp (for <<, >, >>)

    - shuffle/repeat buttons

    - seekable song progress bar

    - few buttons which calls various Poweramp actions, like opens Poweramp activities

    - buttons to open other example activities

    - simple testing buttons for Poweramp AA Widget functionality


    EqActivity - provides almost full control over Poweramp equalizer - 10 bands, 2 tone bands, preamp, presets (directly pulled from Poweramp database).


    FoldersActivity - shows simple ListView of Poweramp folders. Provides example of how Poweramp folders database can be accessed.

    FilesActivity - shows simple ListView of Poweramp files. Provides example of how Poweramp folders database can be accessed.

    This project basically demonstrates that's ultimately possible to build complete custom Poweramp UI, but of course, you can utilize just few features from the complete set.

  7. poweramp_api_lib

    This is not a sample, but it's actually the Poweramp API definitions (com.maxmpz.audioplayer.player.PowerampiAPI class), Poweramp content data source definitions (com.maxmpz.audioplayer.data package) and few helper classes. This is android library project, meaning it's included into other samples as a library (ensure it's added as library in Project settings => Android => libraries list).

  8. The code is available here: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi

    Poweramp API Sample App is update to all recent PowerampAPI changes, they are pretty minor, except Album Art:

    - album art now is not sent as bitmap within Intent
    - original album art (embed - from track file itself, or cached downloaded album art) is provided via specific Poweramp Content provider

    This allows hi-res images in apps utilizing PowerampAPI, but may require additional image processing (e.g. scaling / subsampling / etc. )

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