Restore Poweramp Equalizer Premium Purchase

Google Play: Restore purchase / Full Version Unlocker could be unavailable temporarily
it's possible that restoring purchase from Google Play or Poweramp Unlocker downloading may be temporarily disabled, but Poweramp / Poweramp Equalizer will continue to work in the Trial mode with all Full Version functionality enabled. Just update to builds 932+ to continue to use apps after the trial period ends in the previous builds.
Website purchase/Restore purchase operates as usual.Long:


Due to the act of aggression by Russia on Ukraine (#stopthewar #warismadness), I'm moving Poweramp company out of Russia. This will take some time - one-two months - so temporarily Google Play Restore purchase functionality, and Full Version Unlocker app may be unavailable on Google Play. Both Poweramp player and Poweramp Equalizer still will continue to work in Trial mode with Full Version functionality in build 932+.

Please make sure you updated to (Poweramp or Poweramp Equalizer) builds 932+ to continue to use the app after the trial period ends in the previous builds.

If you already activated Poweramp purchase / Poweramp Equalizer, apps continue to be in Full Version state as license is stored on your device, until you clear the app data or uninstall the app.

The Poweramp and Poweramp Equalizer apps are available on Google Play as usual. Development of the apps continues as well.


TLDR: please use Settings / Restore Purchase.

Google Play:
You can restore Premium purchase any time for free as long as you use the Google account you bought it with. Note that for Google Play Store purchases, if you have multiple google accounts on the phone, your "original" Google account should be selected in Play Store (top-right icon / Manage Accounts).

You can check if purchase is valid for your account here:


To restore purchase, please:

  1. ensure you have Internet connection on the device (you can open
  2. ensure you have Poweramp Equalizer uni build from Poweramp website (e.g. build-900-arm64-uni). Play builds don't have non-Play purchase support, but Play builds can be installed over website version and license will retain.
  3. in Settings use Restore Purchase / Website and type in that Google or Email account and Order ID (as specified in purchase confirmation email from PayPro Global).