Poweramp stops/pauses when in background or when screen is off

  • this can happen if some task killer/battery optimizer/task manager kills Poweramp while it's in background. Please add both Poweramp and Poweramp Full Version Unlocker (if installed)┬áto the task killer/battery optimizer/task manager exceptions list
  • for some Chinese brands, where background execution is often limited in non-standard way, you may need to enable background execution for both Poweramp and Poweramp Full Version Unlocker (if installed) in device settings => Apps => Poweramp
  • some custom ROMs require Settings => Misc => Tweaks => Use Wakelock option to be enabled

Note: Unlocker app should be added to exceptions lists (if installed) as Unlocker is loaded to the same process and Android kills at process level - so both Poweramp and Unlocker are killed together.