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  2. Thank you Andre for taking the time explaining the options in Audio Focus. Really ought to make this topic into a sticky so to help others.
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  4. - I want default collapse notification, thumbnail on the left and button on the right. Thanks you
  5. I think it does according to this site. https://www.gracenote.com/project/ford/ I will see if it can be disabled.
  6. Short Audio Focus Change / Calls : Enable this option to pause playback during brief audio interruptions, after which PA would normally resume playback. This is for things like notification tones, navigation messages, phone calls, etc. Duck Volume : Instead of pausing during brief notifications/navigation messages/etc, enabling this option reduces PA's playback volume during the interruption and raises it again afterwards. Permanent Audio Focus Change : If another app starts using audio output (YouTube, another audio player, etc), PA will stop playback. PA does not resume playback after this sort of interruption. There are other controls which further adjust the above behaviour - for example you can still pause for phone calls even if other Short Audio Focus Changes are disabled. Andre
  7. Hi, long time supporter here who needs a little help... I'm having difficulty understanding the AUDIO FOCUS options, what each do and what they affect: - Short Audio Focus Change / Calls - Duck Volume - Permanent Audio Focus Change It's also not quite clear if selecting the toggle for each option turns that feature on or off? I looked under FAQ, but the topic isn't mentioned. Nor does searching for AUDIO FOCUS bring any results either. Basically what I'm trying to do is prevent notifications from interrupting music playback, except for phone calls and navigation. Thanks :)
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  9. I guess some MIUI12 variant. Just update to the official release (that is OTA or from mi.com) - MIUI12 previews/betas and various custom ROMs based on those have this issue.
  10. On "recent" Androids (that is Android 7+), the bluetooth info is sent by system "service" and player apps generally don't do and can't do anything to share that info outside the standard APIs which almost all player apps do. I recommend un-pairing the (car headunit) device and pairing it again, especially if you have major ROM update (e.g. Android 9 -> 10) recently.
  11. Thanks for the report.Can't readily reproduce the issue. Can you please compress that specific folder with the image + that song with the long album and send it to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com? Thanks!
  12. Please share the affected CUEs -gpmaxmpz@gmail.com (the track(s) may be shared or not, depending on size) - Poweramp cue scanner is polished based on user reported CUE issues. CUE parsing is pretty much standard in Poweramp, what will affect your tracks from CUEs is their calculated duration - Poweramp automatically hides tracks less then 6s (or as configured in your Poweramp), and CUEs often are wrong about track durations. Another CUE issue is when you have multiple tracks and your have pointless CUE also pointing to those tracks, and Poweramp ignores CUEs with 1 track (though in the recent Poweramp builds you'll just have individual tracks, not the CUE virtual folders). Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the logs, nothing relevant (except it takes 12 sec. for 18k songs, though full rescan will be much slower), no complains in the log. If you notice something disappears when it shouldn't, please share that particular folder/album (may be just a few songs from a folder + CUE if it's there) - I'll test it's related to the particular files/CUE. Also please note that Poweramp scanner (at least in "fast" modes, that are all rescan modes except the Full Rescan) is very date/time dependent (for both files/folder timestamp and the device time) and may react inadequately if date/time has been recently changed on the device AND some file activity happened (thus folder last modified timestamps jumped). Poweramp compares recorded modification time vs filesystem timestamp (which is device time dependent) and scans or skips scanning in fast mode, causing some folders which jumped time being removed from database. Full Rescan fixes that. Time zone changes don't affect scanning. This may happen in some modes when the currently played list is changed so we can't continue (e.g. all songs, or shuffle all or other shuffle mode, which includes tracks from the removed folders). But generally Poweramp should continue, so if it happens while isolated list is played, I would be grateful for the details (what category, what format played, what repeat/shuffle mode was used, etc.). If it's a consistent behavior (happens every time) short captured video will help a lot. Thanks!
  14. Avoid Hi-Res output and use Standard definition output (OpenSL or Audiotrack) + DVC, esp. if your collection is not high-res material. Also on LGs DAC can be enabled/disabled independently (via notification shade switch) and works for any resolution. Thanks!
  15. @maxmp Thanks for your reply! Would you recommend DVC + Standard (I think yes) or Hi-Res and no DVC? I will say most of my files are not FLAC/WAV and more of the MP3 320kbps and below.
  16. Right, sorry, it was fixed in the different (Eq) branch - now merged and verified to be in the next 834 build. Thanks!
  17. First, it's not Android 11 or any specific Android version issue. Some devices may have this behavior with some settings combinations: DVC, Hi-Res, sample rate and the selected output. Usually this is 3.5 output + DVC, so for Hi-Res, you may want to disable DVC, or switch to Standard definition output + DVC, until the next ROM update from the OEM. The issue may appear and disappear depending on ROM update (including "Security updates"). This is mostly due to Hi-Res outputs and DVC Mode not being tested by Google CTS tests, so OEMs fix this based on user feedback, it seems.
  18. Does your car radio use Gracenote information? This is often built-in. Not sure if it can be disabled though. I know it is in my wife's Jeep Grand Cherokee and is very rigid.
  19. I apologize for posting about something that happened such a long time ago, but I didn't think of asking here until now. Years ago, when using Poweramp through Bluetooth in my 2011 Mazda 3, the car's display would show album/artist/track title info on screen. After a certain Android update (Can't remember which at this point), the tags no longer appeared. I have learned to live with it, but was wondering if there are any settings in Poweramp or in Android itself that would help restore this feature. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Edit: I currently using a Galaxy S9
  20. Possibly, but more likely that the song has that image associated with it somewhere. Andre
  21. Artist art is auto-downloaded for use in the Artists view, but it should not be sent as a song cover art image. Andre
  22. All album art are also embedded in the songs. I wonder where the artist art comes from?
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