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  2. V39 has fixed those pesky issues. The addition of the very small corners for the main UI is much appreciated, looks great! And the icon colour selector is working again too. Thanks for the update!
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  4. No, the Player screen long-press options are meant to show you all of the songs in the chosen category (so Artist shows you all of songs by the currently playing Artist, Album shows all of the songs in the currently playing Album, and Folder shows all of the songs in the currently playing Folder). Which reminds me, @maxmp , as someone who normally uses Folders mode rather than Folders Hierarchy, is there any way that the long-press Folder option in the Player screen view in normal Folders mode, rather than Folders Hierarchy? Setting a song as ringtone was available in the old v2 of Poweramp, but it was not included in the v3 releases as it is more of an OS task rather than a music player one. Andre
  5. You should enable Settings > Library > Lists > Don't Add Duplicates. That will prevent duplicates being accidentally added to the same playlist in the first place. @maxmp That option should really be in Settings > Library > Playlists - it even took me a while to find it! Andre
  6. Do you actually mean Playlists, or Folders? If your new tracks have been ripped and tagged correctly form the CDs, there is no need for either Playlists or CUE files. Which Poweramp Library Category are you using to view your files? As you seem to be desiring to use folder/filename navigation (and presumably all the tracks within each folder have two-digit track numbers at the start of each filename) then just use 'Folders' category and set the folder List Options (using the the three-dots menu in the folder view) to sort the folders "By Path". The actual songs should be set to sort "By Filename" (again, in the songs list, use the three-dots menu > List Options). Screen Orientation can be adjusted in Settings > Look and Feel. Check that the option there is set to Default (which will make PA follow the system orientation, assuming you have that enabled in your basic Android Settings of course). Andre
  7. @drawersystem you can choose to use like/unlike, ratings from 1 to 5 or hide them alltogether. It is an option. The default is like/unlike but the first thing i do on a new Poweramp install is to switch to ratings.
  8. I need that because sometimes i forgot if a song is already in a playlist, so that could be a black number inside a white square at the right to the name of the playlist.
  9. I dont quite know what happened to my playlists but they are now all out of order. To Clarify- I have copied a set of CD's (sometimes up to 14cd's and labelled them into different folders listed( cd # ,name of artist) Now they are all jumbled up showing up as track 1.1, 1.1 I.arranging all the tracks with the same numbering . How do I make it organize it the way I labelled the folders? As well the app keeps pausing intermittently. Finally it has suddenly stopped auto rotating with the screen. when you you rotate the screen of the fone by changing its position from vertical to horizontal, John
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  11. From the player screen when I select "Artist" it takes me to a screen with all songs by the Artist, instead this should take the screen which shows All Albums by the artist. Is there a way to do that? If not, could that be added as a feature request? Also, why does the player not support setting current song as ringtone?
  12. That license will continue to work with v3 downloads from the website too, in case you come across a skin colour scheme that you like. Andre
  13. PA can cope with track number (of total tracks) as lots of my files are encoded that way. And also disc number (of total-discs). I can't swear how FLACs handle it though, as all of mine are MP3 (so ID3, mostly v2.3, tags) whereas FLAC uses Vorbis tags. [Edit] Just tested it by adding a 'total number of tracks' value to some FLAC files in TagScanner, and the revised files work fine with PA set to sort albums by track#. Andre
  14. Hello, I just received my new M11 yesterday. I loaded a 400GB micro SD card with a bulk of my FLAC library - about 250GB of files. My player has the most current firmware (1.0.7) and player app (Fiio Music Version 1.1.5) installed. I usually search by Artist - Album and play entire albums. In the FiiO music player app, the album tracks sort and play alphabetically, which does not work for me. I listen to albums in the order they are intended to be heard. I can't listen to an album like Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon out of order. If I play from folder view, the tracks play in the correct order - probably because I have METICULOUSLY named my files formatted as Artist - Album - Track # - song title.FLAC I have confirmed that the tagging information is correct in my files. I spent an obscene amount of time over the years ensuring the tagging information is perfect. Yes, I am OCD! The track #'s are listed as 1/6, 2/6, 3/6, etc. Yet when I go to the "track information" on the M11, the track number listing is 0 (zero). I understand that if there is no track # information in the file, the player will resort to alphabetical sorting. As an experiment, I changed the track #'s on one album to 1, 2, 3, etc., deleting the (Track)"of"(Total) slash. This fixed the issue with this one album. However, with Many Thousands of tracks in my library, it is unacceptible to have to go back and make this minor tweak. Especially since all of my other players work with the track numbering in this format: Sonos, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc. It appears that the FiiO Player app does not support track numbering in the x/xx format, just whole numbers. I have gone through every setting I can find on this player, all to no avail. Would Poweramp solve this problem?
  15. It would be nice just to have a rated playlist. For me if I give a track a rating it just means i'll probably not skip it and like to put my rated tracks on shuffle, even if it has 1 star
  16. Ah, so it's nothing to do with technical specs, features or functionality, but you prefer the paint job. You should completely uninstall PA v3 and any unlocker app that you've installed from Google. Might even be worth deleting the /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ folder. Then install PA v2 from the downloaded .APK file for build 588 and go through the website-purchase validation process (make sure you have the correct email address set up as an account on the phone, and use the ID supplied in the confirmation email, etc). See the FAQs for restoring purchase status, e.g. http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/324284-restore-poweramp-purchase Andre
  17. In a situation like that, the Play button should cause playback to commence with the first song in the first folder in the list (with Shuffle mode Off, and Repeat set to Advance List). Then when that is complete, the second folder in that list will be played, and so on. In the above case, all of the contents of "2014. Substances EP" should be played, then all of the contents of "2014. Vacuum EP", etc. Andre
  18. Poweramp only stores and displays certain common tag types. I think Composer is used, but not Work, Conductor or Ensemble. Andre
  19. The 'Play Next' suggestion was not relating to the queue, but instead would cause normal playback - i.e. non-queue - to start playing a new track (just as if you simply tapped on the song title in the list) but only after the currently playing song had finished. Once started, the new song would then become the current playback position and category. Andre
  20. Just updated on the play store. The buttons look fine when configuring the widget but not when on the homescreen 1. They have black background while it should not be any 2. Play/Pause button is empty when not playing and "previous track" when playing (as per attached screenshot) 3. Other various styles have similar problems with buttons (on some they are white transparent etc) No PA custom skin is being used, button theme "None", Nova Launcher, widget was removed and added back to the homescreen, and issue persists OnePlus 7Pro, Android 10 (Stock Oxygen OS)
  21. Which app you use for scrobbling? Are you listening in repeat-one track mode?
  22. Hi, am I stupid? I am not getting the logic here. If PA is in a folder with just subfolders, no files. a) if I tap the left shuffle button, it shuffles through all subfolders tracks. As expected. b) if I tap the play button, it plays tracks from somewhere else. An upper level, not sure. My brain... 😁
  23. That's what I did. But unfortunately after uninstalling v.3 and installing v.2 I got a message about the end of trial period. Before purchasing v.3 I used the trial version of v.2. until the end of trial period. The reason why I want v2 is because I prefer all the UI of my phone to be similar to it's design (black and red combination). So I found Magnolia Icon pack, wallpapers , clock widget as well as Poweramp skin. So the majority of applications are of the same style. Unfortunately Magnolia skin is only compatible with Poweramp v.2.
  24. Hi, for my classical music I have consistent tagging with e. g. "WORK", "COMPOSER", "CONDUCTOR", "ENSEMBLE". Poweramp does not show any of those tags. Mostly it's Vorbis files. Is that maybe because if the tag type, or because of the tag names? thx
  25. I've had this in a plugin in foobar2000: On automatic track change, only if in random or track shuffle mode, do crossfade. Coz' it makes sense 😁 Thx for awesome Poweramp.
  26. Yes, much wanted. "Add to queue" to add a track to end of queue, "Play next" to insert into the queue at next position.
  27. Although v2 is obsolete as far as newer Anrdroid platforms are concerned (and not guaranteed to work forever), for the time being you ought to be able to install and verify the licence on v3, then uninstall v3 and reinstall v2. The licence should just pick up again (you'll need to turn Updates for PA off on your device though, otherwise the store will continue to try to update for you). As you have been issued a refund by Google though, I suggest you might want to buy the version direct from the website instead, which will avoid further auto-updates and should be simpler to validate. See https://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/ Out of curiosity, what is the reason you need to use v2 ? The newer V3 should do everything that v2 does, and a whole lot more besides, with a more versatile and easier interface. Andre
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