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  2. w3wilkes

    Folders - List by Date Added

    V825 - Folders do not list by date added.
  3. w3wilkes

    Lists - A-Z - Albums

    This still doesn't work in V825.
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  5. maxmp

    Chromecast casting not working

    @Dee27 Please see the post above.
  6. Dee27

    Chromecast casting not working

    Hello, I use Poweramp with my Mobile Honor 6x with Android 7 to stream music to Harman Kardon Omni 20 speaker . After 20-30 sec. connection droped. I use V3-825. I'm very thankfull for any Support. Thanks
  7. Satoorn1203

    Basic Lock Screen Music Player

    Hi, There are options to turn on, the Poweramp app can show on the lock screen. But Poweramp is complicated to use a lot of choice to use. I hope there can be simple choices for Poweramp can show on the lock screen. I think no one has better basic music playing on the lock screen than the Samsung Music app. I not saying the Poweramp app should be completely copy of the Samsung Music app. The Poweramp app could use the same idea that Samsung Music app uses on the lock screen.
  8. KOB

    Poweramp Build 825

    Looks like the volume issue is back with this update on my device.. Volume jumps to zero when trying adjusts (up or down) When running 1st time.
  9. Hi, I have problem with album artwork cover is blurry. On the lock screen, get to see the entire album artwork cover, click on the clock on the lock screen. The problem is on the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Exynos. I have tried several music plays, to check more music player has the same problem. Album Artwork Cover is only blurry on Poweramp. I think understand a little more now why all album artwork covers are blurry on Gear S3 as well. It's followed, I've made a mistake, by turning on some settings causing the album artwork cover to be blurry.
  10. maxmp

    Chromecast casting not working

    @vinaysharma76 can you please (when connecting to chromecast device) long press meta info in main Poweramp UI, scroll down to bottom and make screenshot? That shows your device firmware version. Thanks!
  11. It would be really great if you can have a secondary sort rule. My preferred method of listening to an artist is chronological order. Currently, in Poweramp, when I order by year, it puts the albums in chronological order, but each album's tracks are put in alphabetical order rather than by track number. Which is stupid. What I propose is ordering albums by date rather than songs by date-which is what I assume is happening now. To clarify: I want to be able to click on an artist and easily play the first track of their first album all the way through their last track of their last album with little mediation by me. Listened as intended.
  12. maxmp

    High res output not working after pie update

    Obviously, Poweramp is not supporting that specific new firmware yet Sometimes new ROMs are OK and are immediately recognized and work out of box, sometimes they don't. Sometimes OEM removes some features in new ROMs, such as hi-res support. It will be clear when Pie update hits my 8 Pro.
  13. It would be nice to add a function to the options for Crossfade to only work when the Shuffle is active. I find that the current choices lead to crossfading during album play if the tracks are not tagged as gapless (i.e. many older rips before mp3 gapless was added by LAME). Or if gapless tracks play back-to-back during shuffle, they do not fade as expected. My preference for this would be a new option that would always crossfade all tracks when tracks are shuffled, and to not crossfade when playing album tracks in order. Is this possible? GB
  14. Rizwan Tahir

    High res output not working after pie update

    Is there any solution... Anyone?.. Please
  15. monkeybutt

    Miss this simple V2 look

    Let me be clear, I'm using the latest updated v3, and it's better in almost everyway than v2 (even sounding better too, no idea how that happens). I was just browsing my screenshots folder, and stumbled upon this. I kinda miss the simplistic look, no icons, no other texts beside the song info and duration. Tried a few skins posted here (even buying some too), the ones that came close is yaps by flyingdutchman and dark default skin by Andrew0, also material2 by folginar design. Been using them on cycle whenever I'm bored with one. I guess this is more of a rant of how I just really love the look of v2 neon, would be pretty darn amazing if there's a skin that can replicate this look, or maybe max will give some legacy skin. Regardless, I'll still be using the app.
  16. JohnnySapphire

    Poweramp Build 825

    Can anyone else confirm is this is working for them as far as moving a song to a new location and it updating the playlist entry for that song to the new location automatically? Whenever i move the song, the playlist entry remains, but never get re-linked after i do "Rescan / Resolve Playlists" or the "Rescan" options. Just receive a "Failed to play file! Missing Entry" message when trying to play the song.
  17. ace05hun

    Headset buttons

    Hi Last week i switched to samsung galaxy note 9 from xiaomi redmi note 4x. My problem is, i have a hedset that has 3 buttons. On the xiaomi phone you can set the 1. and the 3. button to volume up/down or next/previus song. This function is missing from samsung and i cant find an app that do this. Right now i can change the volume with thoose button, i think this is default. So Max, can you implement this to Poweramp? I bought the app long time ago. THX
  18. vinaysharma76

    Chromecast casting not working

    Chromecast option is not working on my polk magnefi mini speaker with Chromecast support. It is connected but no audio. Can u help please
  19. 7OH

    Poweramp Build 825

    Thans for copy of ADB string for long press handling. May I ask You - why not require it in manifest ? Or it for test period ?
  20. Johnbsn

    Ikorolkov skin

    I don't agree but that's beside the point. You were able to express your feelings on the subject without wanting to shoot everyone responsible. I didn't realize skins were such a contentious issue.
  21. WSADKeysGaming

    Poweramp V3 supported on PrimeOS?

    Prime OS has libraries pre-installed which allows for the emulation/support of ARM apps I believe...
  22. blaubär

    EQ bars values

    Thank You !
  23. blaubär

    Poweramp Build 825

    Yes, even with "Click restarts Track" disabled.
  24. Same thing. Purchased playlists manager to verify playlist IDs.
  25. gcantoni

    [Bugs] Skin and theming

    Hello @maxmp, could you please look those two issues on github? i'm thinking about skins are limited or there is something wrong in Poweramp itself. https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/issues/24 https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/issues/23
  26. charleski

    EQ bars values

    I was trying to find this out myself, and after doing some searches it seems this question has been around for a while. So I decided to do an experiment and find out the EQ steps for myself. Executive summary: each step in the EQ (by tapping above or below the slider) is 1.5dB Details: Poweramp full version v3-build823 All audio processing done in Adobe Audition I created a 24/48 flac file containing a -20dB pure 1kHz tone in Audition then played in in Poweramp on my phone and routed the headphone out to the line-in on my motherboard. Then I recorded the output from Poweramp while changing the 1kHz EQ silder. After recording each step in the EQ I analysed the volume using Audition amplitude statistics and noted down the total RMS amplitude for each segment. Here's the results: Step level difference 0 -22 0 1 -20.5 1.5 2 -19 3 3 -17.5 4.5 4 -15.99 6.01 5 -14.49 7.51 6 -12.99 9.01 7 -11.49 10.51 8 -9.99 12.01 9 -8.49 13.51 10 -6.99 15.01 -1 -23.51 -1.51 -2 -25.01 -3.01 -3 -26.45 -4.45 -4 -27.95 -5.95 -5 -29.45 -7.45 -6 -30.95 -8.95 -7 -32.38 -10.38 -8 -33.88 -11.88 -9 -35.38 -13.38 -10 -36.88 -14.88 The slight drift seen from step -7 down may simply be due to non-linearity in my recording setup and is not significant. As you can see, the maximum range is +/-15dB and this is broken into 10 equal 1.5dB steps.
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