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  2. Anik Hasan

    All Skin bug on Android 5.1

    Alternative layout of all skins not work, seek bar is very big, Album art so smaller, & many bug, see the screenshot.... latest version b825 & also previous version of Poweramp v3 has same problem. please fix this issue. Device : Android. Android : 5.1 lollipop. Rom : CM 12.1 & AOSP.
  3. akb825

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    @maxmp it didn't take long for the battery drain to happen, even after disabling Chromecast support and restarting my phone. I have attached a screenshot of the battery usage over a ~2.5 hour period after updating back to the latest version. After restarting my phone it was at about 95% battery remaining. I listened to music for ~30 minutes after rebooting, which you can see with the first slight drop in battery. I believe the drain was more or less normal during this period. I think didn't listen to music for a while, which you can see with the flat line where there was next to no battery usage. Afterward I listened to music for another 40 or so minutes as I finished up at work, then another 20 minutes on my drive home. (it was playing through an aux cable in the car) During this time the battery drained very fast, as the graph shows, and the phone was hot. After getting home, I went for a 30 minute walk, during which I did not listen to music or use my phone at all. (apart from a couple glances to see the state of the battery) The phone was still hot at first, though it did eventually cool down. While the battery usage was less than the massive drain earlier, it continued to drain batter even when not otherwise in use, as compared to the flat line earlier when it had entered deep sleep. Based on the slope of the graph, the drain when not in use during my walk was even greater than the normal drain when it had normal drain during playback earlier. While the battery usage shows 11% for Poweramp and 1% from Google Play services, since it started at about 95% the total drain was closer to 20%. For reference, during a typical day it will start at 100% in the morning, and between listening to music throughout the day (maybe ~6 hours total playtime) and other light usage I will be ~80% remaining when I get home without any charging in-between. Based on this, I think we can rule out the Chromecast integration as the culprit. I do not see constant progress bars in the library, and my library is on internal storage (I don't even have an SD card slot on my phone), so I don't think re-scanning is the problem either.
  4. Device: FIIO M11 ROM: Stock 1.0.3,Android 7.0 SOC: Exynos 7872 DAC: akm4493eq*2 it supports dsd256 & 64b/384khz there is no headphone-output in hires option-list,in version last 826, thank you and waiting
  5. Anik Hasan

    Skin resulotion bug

    Alternative layout not working on Poweramp v3 b825 & previous versions also. (All skins has same problem) see my screenshot. Device : Android Android : 5.1 Lollipop Rom : CM 12.1
  6. Today
  7. LG G8 ThinQ (Verizon) (Snapdragon 855) Android 9.0 Audio Policies attached, I think the 'IO' one is for the 32 bit DAC. audio_io_policy[1].conf audio_policy[1].conf
  8. sunny_j

    Dragonfly Red not being detected

    Poweramp 823, 8.1, Android head unit for BMW That makes a lot of sense now. when I first got the DAC I tired with Poweramp and it worked fine. then I installed uapp and didn't like it, I uninstalled it, and now Poweramp won't recognize the DAC. Any ideas on how to get the Android USB drivers back online?
  9. Malagant

    Loudspeaker preset turns EQU and TONE off

    Thanx for the reply, @maxmp Yes, but there is some (enough) difference in audio with my EQU preset vs default so I am one of those who turn on EQU and TONE manually every time I listen to music through the phone's loudspeaker. It was this 'added step' one hoped to remove with a fix, so if nothing can be done about this on Samsung phones using Android 9 (Pie) that is obviously disappointing. Thanx for clarifying though.
  10. maxmp

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    @akb825 I use S10+ as daily driver and no issues so far (obviously I polish everything I find). For your case with large lib (though, 18gb is not so much), sd card re-mount and some system level actions may trigger media rescan by system scanner (slow) and following Poweramp rescanning (fast). If you notice frequent progress in Poweramp Library headers, you may want to disable Auto Scan in Poweramp Settings / Library / Scanner, though, system level scanner still will consume battery. But that's theoretical. Poweramp scanner is the fastest and the most optimized media scanner on Android. Please post your battery stats screenshot.
  11. akb825

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    @maxmp my point is that you might get different results with real-world usage where you interact with the app compared to just letting it play untouched overnight. I definitely had much, much higher drain than normal, with the phone getting hot. I had previously downgraded to 820 to avoid the problem, but I installed 823 again, disabled the Chromecast button in the UI settings, restarted my phone, and will report back if that has any impact.
  12. Poweramp build, device, Android version, custom ROM? Poweramp doesn't include custom USB drivers, but recent Androids (7+, for Samsungs - 6+) work fine with USB DACs. Note that if you have UAPP, it may conflict with Android USB drivers, making DAC invisible to Poweramp.
  13. Poweramp, of course doesn't switch output _to_ speaker, not it has any code or logic to do so. System decides it should play on Speaker and that happens. Still there is a workaround via Settings / Audio / Advanced Tweaks / Force Speaker Off - though it's intended for some Qualcomm based ROMs - but it will work on Samsung too.
  14. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 826

    @VanGolfer Poweramp requires pretty fresh CC firmware/Chrome version - mostly related with the possibility of testing, as some old CC devices with old un-updated firmwares are hard to get.
  15. maxmp

    Loudspeaker preset turns EQU and TONE off

    Settings / Audio / Output / <Active output> / Speaker / No Equ/Tone (switch OFF). For Samsung @ Pie this is default setting as there is no enough dynamic range for speaker, no proper speaker DVC support, so equalizer for speaker is mostly pointless.
  16. maxmp

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    @akb825 right, all my tested devices are capable for overnight (~16 hours) playback w/o issue - on different outputs, headsets, speaker, chromecast, etc.. As this issue most probably associated with google services unable to talk to some old chromecast devices in the net, I advise to temporarily disable Chromecast button on the device and reboot. Alternatively, network (wifi) can be temporarily disabled to check if you're hit by that gms issue (it will immediately stop talking to net, reducing load). But note that the issue is >5% per hour usage by Poweramp when device becomes hot. Anything else is a normal power usage or/and not related to Poweramp (for example, such as Poweramp on top of Power usage stats. When Poweramp plays on background for few hours, it's normal as it's the only active app - as in attached screenshots).
  17. Yesterday
  18. which skin do you mean? 😁 because there are many colors that I have added to the skin Aurora • 14 Background Color (Gray, Blue Gray, Brown, Red, Pink, Purple, Deep Purple, Indigo, Blue, Cyan, Teal, Green, Yellow, Orange) Luminous • 18 Accent Color (Blue Gray, Brown, Red, Pink, Purple, Deep Purple, Indigo, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Teal, Green, Light Green, Lime, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Deep Orange) Luminous Black • 17 Accent Color (White, Red, Pink, Purple, Deep Purple, Indigo, Blue, Light Blue, Cyan, Teal, Green, Light Blue, Lime, Yellow, Amber, Orange, Deep Orange) • 8 Background color (Blue Gray, Black, Dark, Deep Red, Deep Purple, Deep Blue, Deep Green, Deep Yellow)
  19. akb825

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    What do you do to try and reproduce the issue? For example, do you just start a playlist and have it continue playing overnight? Do you try to follow common usage patterns for real-world usage of the app? For my own usage, during most of the time the screen is off, and I'll use the inline remote on my wired headphones to control playback. Occasionally I'll do other things like browse the internet on my phone while it's playing, and I'll sometimes use the interface in Poweramp rather than the remote to switch songs. I also make use of the feature to stop playing when the headphones are unplugged. Another user mentioned bluetooth being a possible cause, and while I have bluetooth enabled I don't use it to play music.
  20. Malagant

    Loudspeaker preset turns EQU and TONE off

    Does anyone know if this issue is among those fixed/resolved in the bug-fixes in PA builds 824-826? I am still using PA build 823, where this issue is present on my phone, waiting for a stable new PA build to be posted at Google Play.
  21. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 826

    If it connects at all, could you check the version numbers of your Chromecast devices? Either in their own setup menus, or in PA by connecting and then long-pressing on the metadata info line at bottom of player screen and scroll down to bottom of the info screen. Andre
  22. andrewilley

    Bug with "Start playing queue immediately

    Works fine for me on 826, give that a try. Andre
  23. Can you add a few normal colors(red ,blue....) for the background colors ,cause all of them are dark colors?Keep up the good work👍
  24. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Swipe to change Albums

    +1 from me also, I loved this feature
  25. Looks like it's set on 'Normal, 50ms x 2'.
  26. If I disable the option "Start playing queue immediately" and I add a track to the queue, that track will start to play immediately, meaning that the option seems not be working. I'm on build 825. Irc, the bug wasn't present on previous builds.
  27. Hi, I have a little problem with BT devices (headset, motorcycle intercom and my car) After call ends, Poweramp doesn't resume music on proper device, instead music plays from my Galaxy S9+ speaker... It doesnt loose connection, i can still switch song or play/pause, but music plays on phone speaker.. I've tried almost everything in settings, even with default i still have this problem :( For now only way to fix it is restart bluetooth or my phone. help ? (Samsung S9+ with Android 9 Pie)
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