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  2. The whole point of that feature in the Player screen menu is to show the currently playing song, but within a different category view (i.e. within a folder, an album, or the artist's other songs). Thus it has to go to a songs list rather than a higher album/etc view. If you want to go up another level though, just tap the Back button. Andre
  3. Poweramp itself doesn't scrobble, Last.fm does, it should "listen" to what Poweramp is playing but it is generally very unstable (as seen on play store reviews), it hasn't been updated for some time either. Most likely the app could have been killed and stopped working. Maybe try other apps? You remember to disable scrobbling via last.fm if you try them. I heard Scroball is good, also used Simple Scrobbler but was having some issues recently with it when playing repeat-one song mode
  4. Hey Andre, thanks for the reply. Since the Artist page has an option to show all songs from the artist, I think it makes more sense that long-press option on Player screen goes to Artist page so that I can select different album from the artist or just select "all songs". Also, why is there is a limitation on the number of pictures that are displayed when changing artist picture or album picture? I would love to see this option modified to include more results and also and option to do custom search (checkout how PlayerPro does it). That's fine, I understand about the ringtone being an OS feature but it just makes it a lot convenient when I song comes up that I would like to make as a ring tone I can do it within the player.
  5. My problem stemmed from the fact I completely forgot there was a "main" screen, because I don't see a button for it, and I never thought to "swipe" back to it. So, I never saw the repeat options when I was hunting for a solution. Thanks.
  6. Show the play count of the currently playing track on the now playing screen. Maybe besides where the track's rating is located.
  7. Repeat mode should be set to 'Advance List' ('List' being the old v2 word for what is now referred to as 'Category'). That way playback will continue on to the next album (or folder,or whatever your chosen listening category is) after the current one finishes. @maxmp We've discussed this a few times, but the 'Repeat' icon options are getting a bit dated now, and the wording needs updating to v3 'Category' terminology. Or better still, could you take the opportunity to add that 'single song playback' option that has been so often requested at the same time? (https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/16724-option-for-stop-after-actual-song/?tab=comments#comment-71539) That would result in six simpler to understand, and more elegant, play/repeat options - only one of which is actually new (the 'one song' option): Play One Song | Play Current Category | Play All | Repeat Song | Repeat Category | Repeat All Andre
  8. Forgive my ignorance. I don't see the option. I see a "shuffle" option, but I don't see a way to change it. Thanks for responding.
  9. @Spyglass Jack, try to change repeate mode on the main screen.
  10. OK, this is driving me nuts. In V2, I could play a bunch of folders (e.g., all of a band's albums) simply by opening their parent folder and clicking play. When I try to do that with V3, it will play the first subfolder and stop. Is there a way to tell V3 to play ALL the files in the hierarchy? I don't want to create a queue or a playlist, I simply want to have it play everything under the opened folder. Thanks!
  11. I realise it's not something an end user can do, only the skin developer however it does mean it would be possible to develop your own skin for a fiio mp3 player if you wanted (not ideal but possible)
  12. Just came here to share the joy with fellow Samsung users - the latest Pie update (~week ago) seems to have finally fixed the audio configuration and now I'm seeing a beautiful 192/24 (no 384 though) + DVC on my (Snapdragon) S10e.
  13. @IFW, that will not work. Apps are digitally signed and it will be this signature that is on the whitelist, not necessarily the name. that would be too simple ..
  14. Their reasoning for not providing the play store and whitelisting APKs is that they are concerned about app performance with the processor used, the device is an MP3 player, not a phone and has hardware designed for that purpose, they'd get a lot of complaints about apps not working if users had the freedom to install anything they wanted. it's annoying but I can understand their reasoning. for skins that leaves the only way to install them would be to change the package name (or whatever they whitelist by) to match a whitelisted app
  15. @maxmp Could you at least confirm if the comeback of this option is planned (or not) for a future release ? I can see there are a lot of people asking for it.
  16. The only scrobbling app whitelisted for the M6 is the official last.fm app. No I am not.
  17. V39 has fixed those pesky issues. The addition of the very small corners for the main UI is much appreciated, looks great! And the icon colour selector is working again too. Thanks for the update!
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