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  2. Tagkaman

    Sort by Album Artist?

    Hi, just wondering if we'd be able to sort the list of albums by album artist (as opposed to artist of one of the tracks). A lot of albums often have a different mix of artists for each track (specifically compilation albums), and so sorting by album artist is more useful for determining who had artistic control over the whole album. I'm pretty sure such a setting existed in v2. Thanks!
  3. hzs0615


    只要我用蓝牙连接索尼wi1000x,就会出现: 1.音乐播放期间调节音量,音量UI不弹出,但是音量依然可以调节。 2.不播放音乐期间,自动弹出音量UI,可是我并没有调节音量。 连接设备:索尼wi1000x 连接方式:蓝牙 手机型号:Samsung s9+ 手机系统:oneui (Android 9)
  4. nolan75

    Help Skin Coeur de Pirate

    You're wrong I bought Poweramp and the skin, the only problem I could not find the skin apk so I searched on google and I found it in apk. That being said I solved my problem all by myself and so much more. So before insinuating that I hack 😉 request before. Thank you
  5. Today
  6. blaubär

    Poor sound when tempo changed

    Do you use a lossy audio format, e.g. mp3 ? You cannot expect that to work. Even with a lossless format I would expect the music to sound different, as it isn't meant to be slowed down.
  7. blaubär

    Poweramp Build 823

    See Settings > Library > Lists > Static Navbar
  8. Please add the Heart /Thumbs up rating in Android Auto. This is available in multiple other players in Android Auto. E.g. JetAudio+. Ideally would be great if this could be on the main screen rather than the secondary (...) screen
  9. Mr_SeLeNiO

    Poweramp Build 824

    thank you!!! I recently installed an app for long press volume keys and didn't work properly, having this feature directly in Poweramp works! missed that so much, thanks again!!
  10. unsungkhan

    Poweramp Build 824

    Thanks for the update Max.
  11. Luk4s

    Poweramp Build 824

    Thanks you Max. I love this app
  12. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 824

    Thanks Max - and Happy Easter everyone. Andre
  13. PChwdhry

    Poweramp Build 824

    Thank you.
  14. invaderzim

    Poweramp Build 824

    Salamat, Max! 👌
  15. Yesterday
  16. AkioBrian

    Poweramp Build 824

    Thank you for your work Max
  17. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer
  18. Version


    Build 824: support for Android Q scoped storage Each storage (internal storage, SD card, etc.) should be enabled via Music Folders dialog as there is no global storage permission for Android Q Many internal changes to folders/library scanner to support (slow) scoped storage related APIs This change also improves USB storage scanning for pre-Q Androids playlist entries now survive storage path changes Required to support dynamic Android Q scoped storage selected folders. Poweramp now keeps playlist entries even if Music Folders are changed/unchecked, Scoped Storage root changed, storage removed, etc. Some related functionality is changed too, e.g. Playlists Export New Playlist menu action to Rescan / Resolve Playlist new options: Library / Playlists / Remove Playlist Entries On Track Deletion Library / Playlists / Resolve Playlist Entries Audio / Audio Focus / Wait For Storage Library / Queue / Always Clear On Add Library / Lists / Headers With Meta Misc / Change Tracks By Long Volume Keys Press Headset/Bluetooth / Vibrate Android 8+ Look and Feel / Player UI / Animate Long Labels bug fixes and stability improvements
  19. MotleyG

    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    @flyingdutchman I really enjoy the Yaps skin, great. A couple of suggestions if they are feasible that may provide some additional customizations. For the record, I am using v3/823 on a LG G6 phone with Oreo. 1. The Status Bar at the top of the screen always has the bluish background. Is this something that can be configured with the same background settings as the other elements, including a transparent option? 2. For the Wave Seek bar when enabled, can the standard, scrolling wider version be an option? 3. For the Alternate skin version, is there a way to at least make the Track name fit below the artwork similar to the standard version? The Artist/Album can still be left out since the artwork should reveal those details, but the track name would be great, even better if it was toggle selection. 4. Lower the icon buttons for the Visualizer/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle modes so they aren't over the text? See screenshots of what I currently have, using the current Yaps options. They look great, thanks for the work!
  20. MotleyG

    Poweramp Build 823

    I have found the same thing. If I quickly scroll the list up and down, the mini player appears but often disappears again. I also have the Yaps skin, the standard skins are okay.
  21. anicca_jp

    Poweramp Build 823

    @maxmp It is a request We want you to be able to set the start point and the end point of the song for each song Example: Play from 0:00 to 1:20 and go to the next song
  22. KOB

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    I tried to follow up battery usage on my device and found that Poweamp is almost in the top of this list even when not in use for a while (almost a day).. S8 android 9
  23. I have the lockscreen turned on, but it doesn't show up Well, duh me... I did not know I could do that, thanks!
  24. flyingdutchman

    Help Skin Coeur de Pirate

    Just noticed you have downloaded from apk4all.com I noticed they ripped my skin off too!!! Unfortunately I cannot provide any support or help on pirated apps. Apart from them violating copyrights, it is dangerous too
  25. andrewilley

    Can't shuffle recently added tracks w/ V. 3

    Yes., I see the same issue. Normal playback progresses song-by-song through the Recently Added category correctly, and tapping on the Album Art area takes you back to the Recently Added library view. However if you then tap on the shuffle icon and select Shuffle Just Songs, it changes to All Songs playback mode. Andre
  26. flyingdutchman

    Compatibility with multiple types device

    You do not state which versions of Android is on the other devices
  27. nolan75

    Help Skin Coeur de Pirate

    Hello, with Android Studio I have the same problem the files seem encrypted.
  28. flyingdutchman

    Help Skin Coeur de Pirate

    Sorry, no idea what i am looking at. You should simply be editing the styles within the res folder. Best to use Android Studio,
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