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  2. OK, I understand - but then the UI is somewhat erratic: I can enable the button regardless of the DVC state even if we know that the system sound settings won't work with DVC. Regardless of the DVC state, switching the button on or off doesn't change anything. I see three ways of fixing UI behaviour: The easiest way of fix would be to replace the MusicFX button with a link to system sound settings. The link should work when DVC is off, when DVC is on the link should be greyed out. The link itself could be activated from within the settings (as it is the case with the MusicFX button now). The more complicated way of fix would be to disable (grey out) the button when DVCis on and enable the button only when the DVC is off - and making it actually switch the system sound settings on or off (if it can be done - I don't know). The third way of fixing it would be to change the button function from "enable or disable system sound settings" (that doesn't work anyway) with "shortcut to enable or disable DVC from within UI". Then if DVC is off, long pressing the button would take user to the system sound settings. If DVC is on, long press would not work or inform a user that system sound setting won't have any effect unless DVC is off. I think any of the options above would make Poweramp's UI slightly more coherent - I would prefer option 3. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. @flyingdutchman Edited: Yeah, I forget that. I'm losing my mind ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I'm pretty sure the skin settings are saved in the Poweramp settings. I have tried to test with export settings > clear data Poweramp & skin > then Import @Mixified, did this work, ie did you check settings were lost? and did this not clear your license too ? By the way I believe the settings are saved in a text file called stable-ids.txt which is held in Poweramp's own folders which cannot be accessed by users (especially with the latest android versions). It was you in fact that pointed me towards this. @ScarletNeko, why don't you provide the colour hex codes for your requested colours? for example sites like https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp .
  5. Device-specific modifications in the audio chain (Dolby Atmos. etc) are generally bypassed when you use DVC - in fact, that's partly the point, to keep audio processing under Poweramp's control. To use system audio mods, you usually need to disable DVC, and then you'd need to control their operation via the device's interface. When you enable the MusicFX button via Settings > Advanced Tweaks, you should see a warning that the results can be unpredictable. Andre
  6. On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S9+, Exynos variant) the MusicFX button doesn't change the sound at all. I noticed that to use system sound settings (Dolby Atmos, tone controls etc.) I have to disable DVC. However when DVC is disabled then system sound settings are in effect regardless of the state of the MusicFX button - pressing the button doesn't change the sound. Similarly, when DVC is on, the system sound settings don't work and it doesn't matter if the MusicFX is on or off. Currently the only useful function of this button is opening system sound settings after a long press. Would it be possible to fix it so the button actually works - or if it cannot be fixed - so the button is disabled in certain situations?
  7. I'm pretty sure the skin settings are saved in the Poweramp settings. I have tried to test with export settings > clear data Poweramp & skin > then Import. Yes, but do you mean that the status and navigation bar icons use the same color as the skin accent color? I have tried it before but I don't think it can be done. Thank you, i'm appreciate it, I will consider your suggestion and might add it in future release For version 3.0. I've added 16 accent colors, similar with previous colors but more brighter and catchy
  8. Same answer as before, it will depend on what commands your particular brand of device is generating. Poweramp will be looking for and responding to regular Android keycode events such as MEDIA_PLAY, MEDIA_NEXT, MEDIA_PREVIOUS, MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE, etc. Andre
  9. I use an android car headunit so i use Poweramp app directly via installation from playstore and i don't play music using smartphone that is connected to the headunit via bluetooth. So what i'm saying is I can't use remote steering on Poweramp app to skip song but the remote steering function is fine with another music app such as preinstalled music player app or streaming music app such as spotify.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Settings > Look and Feel > Player UI > Chromecast Button. You can set it to appear on the player screen, in the menu, in both or neither. Andre
  12. That is most likely to be that the new folder has not being flagged as new/modified in the Android file system for some reason, so PA is not seeing it as something it needs to check. A Full Rescan should solve that without resorting to reinserting the SD Card. Andre
  13. hi, I do not see the chromecast icon on the song play screen when close to my google devices. Is there a setting I need to enable? Here's an image of my screen: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eAq2AJUzzapjVXMF8 Poweramp version and build number v3-bld-853-arm32-play 853002-db6de349 full vers 32bit Your device model lg stylo 4 Your Android version 8.1.0 Your Custom ROM name/version NA
  14. Moto X4 Android 9 PA v853 All my music is on a MicroSD card in my phone. I see this sometimes on individual folders on my SD card. Sometimes when I copy an album (folder) from my PC to the phone using a USB cable and then do a scan the new album is not added. If I then go to file manager on the phone and click a song in the new album (folder) it plays in Poweramp, but the track counter shows --/--. Sometimes if I do a restart on the phone then do a scan the new album (folder) is found and added. On one occasion I ended up shutting down the phone removing the SD card and reinstalling the card fixed it.
  15. @andrewilley Thanks, that's a good suggestion, to me browsing audios with long filenames like it is now with Poweramp is no fun realy. I often can't find out what it is from the first few letters only. It makes browsing the library cumbersome.
  16. No, there is no way to do that in the library views (apart from long-pressing on an individual title and selecting Info/Tags). If I just need to see a bit more content, I sometimes just rotate my screen to the wider horizontal view for a moment. @maxmp obviously soft-scrolling all of the lines in a list by default would look really disconcerting, but perhaps could selected lines which happen to have overflows be soft-scrolled? That way a simple long-press would allow the whole content of a line (or lines) to be seen. Andre
  17. Is there any possibility to see the full names? (In this case no meta tags only filename but I want the into shown fully to me in the list)
  18. No, I meant the characters are limited and cut off with a [...] at the end when the filename is too long. It scrolls when in full view, but when I tap on the cover to show all tracks in the playlist, the filename is cut off and not shown completely. See I added a screen shot
  19. Do you mean you want to see filenames instead of using the embedded Title tag? If so, enable Settings > Library> Lists > Filename as Title. Andre
  20. I'm getting exactlly the same error on my root Oneplus 6 running Android 10.
  21. Hi, how can I show long file names in the list, is there an option? I tried but all list views, but non show the full long audio names, when it is a long one. Using latest Poweramp Pro.
  22. Yep, thatโ€™s pretty obvious the scaling is poor. Thanks for posting this!
  23. Hi, I'm using Poweramp for about 3 years now. Recently, I bought a USB DAC called "Meizu Hifi Audio Pro" . When I connect it to the phone and play some music via hi-res output, PA says it's using 48kHz sampling rate instead of 192kHz that I selected. I'm wondering whether this problem is related to UI issue or actually it's limited to 48kHz. btw, my phone is OnePlus 3 Thanks.
  24. Last week
  25. Spent the last 50 minutes changing and looking at the settings, there's endless combinations and they all look very nice, that is some amazing work there. I got the Luminous Dark, but I may get the White version someday as well. Using on a LG G7 on stock 8.0.0 and haven't seen any problem, bug or strange behavior so far (b853 of PA). Really nice looking and working perfectly! Forgive me just arriving and already dropping suggestions, but, an idea for some colors: a cream white, like a super light brown for accent color. Imagine placing just some drops of coffee on a small cup of milk. And for background, a matching but very dark, deep cinnamon brown. Might be an interesting addiction to the color collection (that is already amazing)!
  26. Yes it's OK. No particular reason to though - although it does give PA a bit more headroom to play with when processing audio. FLAC or MP3 make no difference to resolution anyway (just to the compression applied) and you would probably only notice a real difference with any type of files converted at higher frequencies or bitrates. Andre
  27. Is it ok to use hi res output if i just using mp3 format or it should be flac?
  28. Or the downloaded files have simply been processed differently (for example they may have dynamic range changes to improve subjective listening loudness) and your ears just happen to prefer that different sound, even if it might be technically less 'accurate'. Andre
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