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  2. Hi Res Audio on Poco f1 is not working. The selected and the used sample rate are different. The actual sample rate is locked at 48 KHz and the sample format is locked at 16 bits. Im using the latest v3 build and Im on MIUI10.3.4.0. Please Help!
  3. The app keeps popping up over other apps randomly without notice and it's very disruptive... Just typing this it's popped up 4 time's and I get disrupted typing and it has caused problems when doing online banking because of this ridiculous popping up out of nowhere... The old version never did this... Please fix it now or I'm getting rid of your app...
  4. andrewilley


    Just uninstall and reinstall, you should be fine. You might want to try doing a simple clear data for the app first though - or even just reset Settings > Audio > Output back to defaults. Andre
  5. Hello! I've been using Poweramp for a while, and I'm really growing accustomed to it (especially with the native Hi-Fi output support, no more static in high impedance mode as I used to get on other players). But this specific issue has been bothering me, and it seems like I'm not the only one. Looking it up brings me this post, this post, and this recent reply (and now that I look at it, with @invaderzim on all of them. Hello!). Though I'm making a new post because I don't want to necro/hijack the other ones. I'm not sure how dependent most people are on the separate definitions of Artist and Album Artist, but for 90% of my music, it's pretty much essential. Most of my music are groups consisting of several artists, so not being able to see the Artist tag really handicaps my browsing efficiency. For example, an album by HARDCORE TANO*C: The first is the what you see when entering the "Album" category or using the search function, while the second is what you see in the "Album Artist" category. It makes it much harder to identify each track, and if I was looking for "that one song Hommarju did in that album by TANO*C", if I didn't remember the track name immediately I'd have guess-click the various tracks until I find it (which I can't even do if I didn't want to interrupt the playing song and wanted to add the song into my queue). Aside from this, I also think repeating the album artist for each track is fairly redundant, and showing more detail won't hurt. EDIT: It would also make sense for this setting to carry over to the player too, as in if this was enabled, the album artist won't replace the artist on the screen. Anyways, thanks again!
  6. Hey @Reborn.N! Does 24bit /192kHZ option still show up after miui update It doesn't for me.
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  8. RajDaBest12

    Poco F1: HD audio no longer working

    @FewPhone Maybe downgrading miui version will help? Factory Reset will set it to Miui 9.
  9. mladd1


    Hi there, I purchased poweramp3 via the google play store about a month ago. I have had to port my phone and apps back and forth 6 times due to phone/google troubles. After the latest transfer, Poweramp doesnt sound as good as it had in the past. How do I reinstall the app w/o repurchasing it? google pixel 1 / google pixel 3a
  10. ultrarunner2019

    Resuming long track

    I moved the long track into the default music folder on internal storage. Still will not return to last played position after phone restart. I'm now looking into file tags. Is there anything anyone can tell me about tags? Such as what the tags would be for a podcast - which I would assume you want to be able to return to last played position. The only other thing I can think of is that Poweramp does not support returning to last played position when the phone is turned off or restarted. That, or something with Android v7 that is wiping that particular byte(s) of storage when it is rebooted...
  11. After may security update there are no difference, and the high-res output remains "broken" As stated previously i can enable it on both wired and Bluetooth outputs, but anything higher than 44.1khz on wired does not let me enable musicfx features. And on Bluetooth it is completely disabled on that high-res output. However with opensl es and audiotrack output i can still enable musicfx, but compared to the high-res output with musicfx fine tuning and bass boost both of the available options sound considerably worse. As i said before only thing that had been changed before this got broken was April security patch for my Nokia 8. No new Poweramp version or anything. but I just can't understand how that could break up this feature in Poweramp, as everything else in the phone and Poweramp has been working just fine with both "broken" security updates.
  12. OnePlus 7 Pro Android 9.0 Files attached. Poweramp detect "Direct HD" but can't get more than 16bit 48kHz. There is also an issue with android auto. Audio quality is very bad and car is detected as OpenSL speaker without DVC working... audio_io_policy.conf audio_policy_configuration.xml
  13. blaubär

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    Poweramp is not the only app that does this - NYT beta might also be affected
  14. Senjar

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    I really like this skin and should come by default. Plethora of options too. @Andrew0 is it possible to add a greyish background option while browsing folders and stuff outside the playerUI ? I mean the black background is very "contrasty" Something like this: Also is it possible to make folders have a folder icon instead of album art or is it something Max has to code in?
  15. JohnnySapphire

    Poweramp Build 828

    Yeah deleting songs from PA itself seemed to fix the issue on both .M3U and Internal playlists and removing all instances of that file in all playlists. If the file is deleted from the phone (outside of PA), you will need to go back and remove the playlist entries manually it looks like, but this is totally fine for what i was doing and will always delete from PA (The file, not just the playlist entry). Previously i was always deleting from the phone or moving files off the phone. thanks
  16. FewPhone

    Poco F1: HD audio no longer working

    Thank you for supporting me. I was starting to think I was fool. Now, I'm also using Miui and I can confirm the issue persist.
  17. blaubär

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    Whatever - if you switch off DVC and set volume low, you can easily produce distortions that aren't limited by the limiter, see And maybe that's a feature and not a bug. That's the reason I created this topic. ( There's another well known MP that already has this feature, there they call it "automatic gain protection", I take that as an indication that it shouldn't be impossible to realize )
  18. USB Audio Player Pro has a custom built driver that talks directly to the HiRes audio chip inside my phone to allow for proper playback of hires audio files on my S10+. What would the possibility of this being done for Poweramp, or could you license the driver from them and charge for it as an add-on?
  19. andrewilley

    Poweramp Build 828

    In PA, using the Delete Song feature in a folder or album view for example? Or in PA in the Playlist view (where you can select Remove from Playlist AND delete file at once) Andre
  20. andrewilley

    A way to increase font/buttons size?

    I wasn't suggesting that, I was suggesting running the Android Auto app on the head unit, and then running Poweramp (also on the headunit) within that interface. Andre
  21. andrewilley

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    As far as I'm aware, internal processing uses much higher numeric handling (32 bit?) so it should have tons of extra headroom and not normally distort during PA's internal processing. Max could confirm this though. Andre
  22. andrewilley

    Low quality album art and artist pictures

    Ah, that may have made PA class your device as a 'low end' device (odd if it was still 1920x1080 though?) which would have meant it only processes images at 512x512 to save resources. Not all apps make this sort of distinction though, which may be way you didn't see the same issue in other apps. Andre
  23. JohnnySapphire

    Poweramp Build 828

    Just tried this and still the same problem with an internal playlist. Copied all playlist entries from .M3U playlist to new internal playlist Deleted one of those song files from the phone itself. Did rescan, and the resolve at the playlist library and folder library an ind. playlist and "missing entry" still remains.
  24. RajDaBest12

    Poco F1: HD audio no longer working

    @maxmp Im also having the same issue as @FewPhone Im using the latest v3 build. It says selected: 192 kHz, but using 48kHz. Can this issue be solved? Im using miui 10.3.4 stable global rom.
  25. fabien44

    Volume reduces automatically!?

    Hello same behaviour with v3, volume drops automatically by 15%. I own a Intel Airmont 8-core SC9853i cpu on a head auto unit.
  26. blaubär

    Limiter vs. Preamp

    Currently the limiter only limits if and when the final output to the DAC exceeds the maximum allowed value. It generally doesn't prevent distortion arising from preamp and equalizer. See the discussions here : I propose to change this : The limiter should take action when the output of the DSP exceeds the maximum value, thereby effectively preventing distortions, and that then wouldn't depend on the volume level.
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