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  3. Have you tried to turn off the Chromecast button? The issue didn't occured again for me after I've turned off that option. You may scroll up and take a look at my previous posts for more detailed information about this bug.
  4. I'm writing this with great disappointment, that I think I'll have to stop using Poweramp if I want my battery to survive longer. It feels bad to carry a charger / powerbank everyday to college even after getting a brand new phone Today, battery went from 67 to 31 with less than an hour of music playback. With all due respect, I know Max, that the issue isn't reproducible on your end, but that's a very lame response. Isn't there something we can do? Would device logs help? I'm ready to provide anything. So many people have this issue, it can't be neglected. My phone gets hot as hell, even hours of playing PUBG doesn't make it so hot. When this happens, I kill Poweramp, and the device is back to normal. I'm frustrated and sad while writing this. And I'll be very unhappy using another music player, because Poweramp's audio engine is unmatched! I am gonna try using Poweramp V2 and test this with it, just because I want to. I hope I find that apk. Peace.
  5. Please update to latest build 845 for the No-Reshuffle option (it was introduced in 842 I think) Andre
  6. I found a workaround to overcome this issue, that workaround being downloading Build 818 provided here: With this build I am able to get back that dynamic, loud sound that was lost when I updated my phone. Although the only issue I have now is just some audio crackling that can't apparently be fixed with changing the buffer size, but it's better than having the sound nuttered.
  7. Build 842-845, Pixel 3a with Android 10 QP1A.191005.007, Bluetooth 5.0. All tracks. With PowerAudio pro it works but I do not like it.
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  9. Since many updates before, when I try to enable hi-res output on my Xperia z3 it fails always. Also Xperia z3 chipset audio is able to sample up to 24 bits, 96khz by default. I tested many times using lossless flac 24b / 96khz but output audio goes by default to 16b / 44khz, tried to change to Java output and it only can sample up to 24b 48khz. So what's the point on playing a 24b / 96khz file limited to 24b / 48khz by Poweramp? hope there was a solution, because before it worked perfectly.
  10. It doesn't work in Genre or Composers on my device. I can see only track count and year. I can see a total length for that composer or Genre, but not a total length for each album in those categories. I mean a total running time for Genre... I have 339:20:31 for Alternative, 407:40:51 for Hip Hop... interesting numbers, but not really useful. The new NF album is 1:12:19 That's pretty useful to know if I'm trying to decide if I have enough time to listen the whole album.
  11. @flyingdutchman I have the seekbar set to gradient with an opaque colour, just to have some fill behind the bar. It matches my car interior lighting nicely. With your last update, the icon colour selection is also restored. So thanks for that. But if this gradient could include the album art, THAT would blow my mind🤯! Otherwise with the gradient applied album art is already ignored.
  12. @MotleyG very nice 😎, if you set navbar (and android navbar) to transparent and album blur on it will blow your mind
  13. Submitted a bug report for this, but posting here as well as instructed. Device is Blackberry Priv, Android 6.0.1, there's nothing but stock for this device. Poweramp is v3, build 845, as noted. Issue is that either Android or the Poweramp lockscreens will result in the audio being routed to the handset speaker from the device connected to the headphone jack once either the Poweramp screen is dismissed, or the Android lockscreen displaying the Poweramp notification. I normally use the swipe type of lockscreen, but have reproduced the issue using pattern unlock as well. Tried varying lockscreen settings, as well as audio focus settings, and notification settings. Unsure of what else to try at this point. It's a minor nuisance with headphones as it only plays over the speaker for 1-2 seconds, but when I have my phone connected to my vehicle's auxiliary input, it remains stuck on the speaker until I physically unplug the cable from my phone, and plug it back in again. This is obviously not possible while driving, so this is a somewhat serious issue for me. I suspect it has something to do with the enforced Android lockscreen setting, I recall in older Poweramp versions, you could fully disable the Android one. I don't use any of the features that are listed as being broken by not having it, and I suspect none of those features work on my version of Android anyway, so I may attempt downgrading to an older build that still has that option and seeing if the issue is resolved. I'll update here with results if I end up going ahead with that for anyone else who may have run into this odd bug, unless it is otherwise resolved before then. I have a plethora of Android devices, and this is the first time I've had this issue.
  14. Hi Same here as already reported in another topic. V. 842-845 Thanks Regards
  15. Thanks for the reply Andre. I am not able to find the option you mentioned. I am on build 840-841 and do not have any new update available in Google Play Store as of now. I have started locking the app in Android task killer to try and avoid stopping playback completely as you mentioned, but for some reason (i guess my rom) it sometimes still kills it. What bothers me is that I have to navigate again through the hierarchy and hit shuffle on the folder I want to play when this happens, not that the exact position in list is not kept. Do you think such a feature could be added in a future version? I just want it to remember on which folder I hit shuffle all, even if it resuffles again everything in that folder. Thanks a lot for your support! Seerix
  16. Toronto early morning traffic, rocking out with PA skinned with Yaps! 80's rock rulz!🤟 @flyingdutchman
  17. I was just repeating what I said in my initial reply, which you then questioned. As I've said, Poweramp is designed to be a pure music player. If you want a general media player there are lots out there you can try. Personally, for video I use MX Player (which does not index and play music files as far as I know). Horses for Course I guess, rather than trying to be a Jack of All Trades (to horribly mix two metaphors). I've just checked, and you are right that for some reason overall running time is not included in just the drilldown album level for two specific categories, Artists and Album Artists - although it is present in the top level view for both of those categories. It also works fine in Folders, Albums, Albums by Artist, Genre, Composers, Playlists, etc. That definitely needs addressing as a glitch though, as it's meant to work everywhere. Thanks for the reminder. Andre
  18. Other : • Stop Playing after each song :**
  19. If your library is structured something like Music\Artist\Album\songs you will see the playing time in both Folder Hierarchy & Folder view just the same as the Album view. I agree that it would be nice to see the album playing time when drilling in from Artist, Album Artist, Genre, etc.
  20. Last week
  21. Thanks for always being snarky in your responses. Good job Admin! At some point there will be one player that does everything important that Poweramp does and video. Poweramp should really be that player... On my device, You currently have to be in the album category to see a length for each album. You can't simply go to Artists, Album Artists, Genre or any other category for that matter and see a list of albums and see length of each individual album. You only see Track count and year. Scrolling back and forth through 3891 albums on my phone in the Albums category just to see a time length is ridiculously time consuming. Hence the request for a third field showing album length in other categories. BTW Maxmp said this is on the todo list.
  22. That is not a feature in PA v3. It was in v2 when player controls for the current song were embedded within lists , but that was before the miniplayer bar at the bottom of list screens was introduced. Andre
  23. The clue is in the product description I guess: "Poweramp Music Player for Android". Sorry, but there are no plans to turn it into a general media/video/etc player. Oh, and Album Length (plus other category lengths) is already supported in category lists by default, and you can also display it in the header info at the top of each song list (Settings > Library > Lists > Headers with Meta). Andre
  24. Yes, support for multiple Genres and Genres w/spaces are in the current release. Default separators are ";" and "//", however you can change these separators if you like.
  25. The Mamas & the Papas - California Dreamin'. Kind of a folk rock greatest hits album
  26. How to add seek bar also when playing in list.i want to see the seek bar in the current list also. How ? I did that before but i forget it.
  27. I just discovered that the main UI buttons, on visualization-fade control mode, must be presed twice / only worked when album art appears/the control isn't fading. It only happens for this marked buttons. I'm wondering why should it be like that? Isn't it easier if we only press it once, moreover this buttons are still visible during play? Why do only this buttons happen?
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