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  3. Is it possible that the m4a files are corrupted in a way that they make the scanner drunk?
  4. Guys so what is the solution for the Poweramp getting killed?? What to do??
  5. tweak around the background settings, maybe lower the background intensity and backgroun saturation
  6. Update. Figured out culprit. Sound artifacts disappeared, when DVC was on. On a quick set it to -16 db and experience now is the same as before. Thanks!
  7. Yesterday
  8. If it clips for flat equalizer preset and other settings like preamp tone/reverb settings reset to 0 - then I guess issue is outside player (dvc or no-dvc won't matter). Thanks!
  9. Yes, every audio setting was reset to default and eq, tone, stx, etc were all turned off except for DVC (Just checked if turning it off help, it doesn't). But the issue is still present regardless of eq processing. Stereo effect/expansion does help a bit but that's should't be the normal way of getting around the issue, just a temp fix.
  10. maxmp

    Cyrillic names bug

    It works this way: - utf-8/unicode encoding - works out of the box, no settings - 8-bit encoding - supports just one language. To select encoding, use Settings / Library / Scanner /Tag Encoding (e.g. win-1251). By default this is set according to the phone region settings at the moment of Poweramp installation. Thanks!
  11. Before checking any further, could you ensure that all audio processing is turned off (EQ, tone, limiter, stereo effect, reverb, etc) and Settings > Audio > Output has been reset to default values. Andre
  12. Build #: v3-build-853-arm64-play Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Android System: Android Pie (Android version 9) Custom ROM: Pixel Experience - Pie - Plus Edition , September Build Steps to recreate: I don't know how to recreate as it is just there. Settings: last.Poweramp-settings Bug/Issue: There is audio clipping when playing music at lower volumes. For example, with instruments like Piano, when a key is played the audio cuts off after the peak of the note is heard, the decrescendo/diminuendo of the note just disappears, it sounds the audio is turned off and turned on again and again or it feels like the power to run the earphones is not enough from the phone but that is not the case. I am attaching Dropbox links two audio recordings for comparison. They are recorded by putting the earphone directly on the mic of another phone so the quality is not the best and has background hiss but the problem can be heard. Please listen at higher volume to clearly hear the difference. Using wired in-ear earphones btw.. Audio from Google Play Music: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dondpuva40lkzm4/google_play_music.aac?dl=0 Audio from Poweramp: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5qppyuetyz81zqx/Poweramp.aac?dl=0 The track/song I am playing is instrumental of "Dango Dai Kazoku". Youtube link for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWWw3JPMRt8 . I am not playing directly from youtube, I have a 320 kbps file of the track it is just for reference.
  13. There is funny bug when i have music with cyrillic names together with dash ( dashes ) which is named like this : ария-я-свободен.mp3 . Poweramp reads it as something like ľľščťčšťčýáááá. But in info/tags i can see real name showed correctly. I tried different encoding in Poweramp settings. The problem still persist with every coding consisting cyrillic alphabet. By renaming music to ария я свободен.mp3 there is no problem.
  14. nah, the issue persists, not all the times that I restart, but several 🙁
  15. Does this happen every session? Or how often? Once a file or files fails (like the one above) can you go back and play the broken item again after restarting the app, or does it fail immediately again? It does sound like filesystem read errors though, or the SD Card getting changed or renamed (or even corrupted). Either that or local database corruption. You could try clearing PA's app data completely and start from scratch, or reinstall the app, but you would lose any settings, internal playlists, etc (those can both be backed up before you start though). Another thought would be to backup your SD Card, reformat it, and copy everything back, and then try another FULL Rescan in PA (not just a basic Rescan, needs to be Full Rescan). Andre
  16. Still it doesn't do any good. Its getting frequent these days and make it more annoying to force stop and try playing again EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE.
  17. I can confirm that thing MotleyG said does happen, it actually always happened, but for me it was such a small thing and since it would go away right after any in app screen change I never actually reported it But yeah it always happened since V3 800+ builds on my LG G7, it happened while on Oreo and now on Pie Again, for me it always were such a small thing I never bothered with, just confirming it indeed happen...
  18. Last week
  19. A bit late now, but If you have an Amoled screen, I would suggest not using the always-on option, and certainly not with the brightness up high. It's not only the battery that can get hammered. Andre
  20. Hi, after a year of moderate use of Poweramp ive got play/rev buttons and "Unknown artist" label permanently burned in my amoled display (im usually not turning the screen off when driving). Not a huge issue, im currently experimenting with inverse colors and different Poweramp skins but, anyway, i thought i would suggest/request some kind of option to reduce screen burn-in for folks with amoleds. Maybe something akin to optional setting that would enable slight movement (or shrinkage/enlargement) of the most static/whitest gui elements or maybe option that would slowly and periodically fade out white gui elements to grey/another color) and back. Thanks.
  21. Andre, Thank you for that! Will do and let you know how Poweramp handles the SD Card upgrade. UPDATE: Thanks Andre - the following step by step worked incredibly well. Whew - what a relief!!!!! 1- Before moving to new SDCARD, a. As a precaution I exported all playlists using PA 3.0 and I also exported all settings, verifying that I had the output files as a backup in case my database got wiped out. b. Using Playlist Manager exported all Poweramp ratings, verifying that I had the output file. 2- Copied old 128GB SDCARD to new 512GB SDCARD and installed the new 512GB SDCARD a. In /SETTINGS/LIBRARY/PLAYLIST I selected the option "RESOLVE PLAYLIST ENTRIES" b. In /SETTINGS/LIBRARY/PLAYLIST I selected the option "FULL RESCAN" All playlist and settings were preserved with the exception of my 1-5 star RATINGS. 3- Using Playlist Manager IMPORTED all Poweramp ratings, which quickly restored 1,000s of songs I had rated with 1 to 5 stars!!!!!
  22. Hi Andre, Thank you so much for taking the time to get back to me. I've just discovered that I can edit genres which will give me exactly the control I was looking for. I thought I'd only be able to do this back on my laptop but it looks like I can edit each track's genre on my phone. Thanks again!
  23. The answer used to be no, as Poweramp would see the files on the new SD Card as 'new' audio files (as their path is different) and also assume that the original files have been deleted. I know Max has done a fair bit of work in that area to preserve things like Playlists (which would also be wiped by changing SD Card) but I'm not 100% sure whether ratings work the same way. As a precaution, I would back up playlists and ratings using something like New Playlist Manager before you do the swap-over., Andre
  24. Just one note to this. Although npm can back up your ratings, the version has moved on and no longer supports Poweramp v2 so you can no longer backup Poweramp v2 ratings. Best way forward is to contact me as op has done as i can provide an older version which does work for Poweramp v2
  25. @Fennec Enabled absolute volume means Android sends 100% volume audio samples to BT device. BT device then changes volume on its side. While it has added benefit of one point volume control (your end BT device), it makes signal processing on phone side less viable, as almost all tracks out there are already using all available dynamic range. So there is no headroom to increase basses and otherwise do signal processing which increases signal amplitudes. If you don't use Equalizer/Tone or use them moderately you'll be good with no-dvc and the default settings (-6dB headroom by default) or even with no headroom (0dB - so no default decrease of volume). This is fine for e.g. car headunit with own tone controls and DSP. For headsets, if you're going to use Bass tone or substantial equalization (>6dB) I recommend disabling Absolute volume control (Media sync on Samsungs @Android 8-9). In this case full dynamic range is available to Poweramp with DVC On, and no need for extra headroom, but you'll get 2 points of volume control (phone and end BT device). In your case, Absolute volume is enabled. Either it's enabled or not becomes known when BT device is connected (or even only when it's actively playing). Thanks!
  26. hey everyone. i have a galaxy note edge(n915-f) at older versions of Poweramp i had the option to choose hi-res audio out put but after updating app that option is not even showing up. any idea what to do about this?
  27. OK, good job, BUT Is it currently possible to avoid matching too bright art color in Aurora's AA Blur layout? Because with monochromatic album covers it looks like this: Errr... And yes, I want to stick with white text/decals. Update with narrow color pallete maybe?
  28. Hi... I started using a DAC with volume controls going direct to a power amplifier and did not like the sound quality. I was running between -20 to -40db and noticed the bit reduction was impacting (greatly) the sound quality.However, every DAC and power amplifier combination may offer different results so I suggest you test these combinations yourself. I switched DAC's and the noticed a slightly improved sound quality but not where it needs to be. As a result, I am researching a preamp/DAC.
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