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  2. fyourself

    Edit tags

  3. loop

    Edit ReplayGain info/tag on Poweramp?

    bump this would be fairly useful, tweaking replay gain on your PC and transferring back to your phone is cumbersome
  4. DevilSlayerDante

    Ikorolkov skin

    If I were a violent person, I'd shoot everyone responsible for pushing the flat design epoch. As far as I'm concerned, it's the devolution of stylish, intuitive UI design. I absolutely abhore flat/metro/material UI...unfortunately, abhore isn't even strong enough to convey my disdain. I still use Windows 7 because I'm so passionately against the Win10 GUI, among a slew of other detrimental features and behaviours I disapprove of. To me, 3D beveled objects and textured or gradient surfaces are far, far more appealing to look at, and much easier to differentiate interactive objects from static space. Even the name "material design" implies skeuomorphism, so "material", in this case, is a misnomer. And you are correct, Andre, I really don't like the "default dark" skin, I don't like any of the v3 skins I've seen so far, they're all flat and/or have hideous color palettes. Give me raised buttons/dials, sunken displays, and colors that complement each other, not contrast.
  5. andrewilley

    Chromecast casting not working

    Let me know if there's anything I can test. Andre
  6. cmg

    Cover art and Bluetooth

    Hi It's strange because without any change (firmware/ROM bluetooth implementation) either in the phone (Android) or in the car system, I already had the covers. Not now and I don't know why. Regards
  7. maxmp

    Cover art and Bluetooth

    Poweramp can't replace firmware/ROM bluetooth implementation - that's purely depends on ROM.
  8. cmg

    Cover art and Bluetooth

    No one?
  9. cmg

    Bluetooth next song command

    Well, too soon. Sometimes it works sometimes dont. Sad. Regards
  10. Prosenjit

    Poweramp Build 825

    Everything is fixed thanks Max
  11. Stonedowner

    Chromecast casting not working

    Will look forward to that. Peter
  12. andrewilley

    Edit tags

    PA offers some simple tag editing features, but it's file-by-file. You'd need to use a batch tag editor to do anything more complex. I use TagScanner on my PC, but there are lots available. Andre
  13. Rabangus

    Poweramp Build 825

    Fixed in build 825... Thanks Max! 😀
  14. maxmp

    Poweramp Build 825

    Build updated to 825
  15. Version


    Build 825: translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators! bug fixes and stability improvements Build 824: support for Android Q scoped storage Each storage (internal storage, SD card, etc.) should be enabled via Music Folders dialog as there is no global storage permission for Android Q Many internal changes to folders/library scanner to support (slow) scoped storage related APIs This change also improves USB storage scanning for pre-Q Androids playlist entries now survive storage path changes Required to support dynamic Android Q scoped storage selected folders. Poweramp now keeps playlist entries even if Music Folders are changed/unchecked, Scoped Storage root changed, storage removed, etc. Some related functionality is changed too, e.g. Playlists Export New Playlist menu action to Rescan / Resolve Playlist new options: Library / Playlists / Remove Playlist Entries On Track Deletion Library / Playlists / Resolve Playlist Entries Audio / Audio Focus / Wait For Storage Library / Queue / Always Clear On Add Library / Lists / Headers With Meta Misc / Change Tracks By Long Volume Keys Press Headset/Bluetooth / Vibrate Android 8+ Look and Feel / Player UI / Animate Long Labels bug fixes and stability improvements
  16. tealfox

    Show Current Values of Each Equalizer Slider

    +1 Do you know what is the maximum value in dB for the sliders? Or do you know the value for each step of the sliders? I'm trying to use the presets from the AutoEq project which aim to correct the frequency response of a given set of headphones starting from frequency response measurements. (https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) An amazing project by the way! Essentially I need to enter a specific value in dB for each slider using the 10 band presets by AutoEq.
  17. HuggyBear

    Edit tags

    This is a valid request. At times there are some albums that come up in Power APP that are listed under the wrong Genre and I want to have the ability to correct this. Is there a way to correct this ?
  18. gcantoni

    (FREE) Poweramp v3 skin default dark

    It seems that Huawei doesn't like skins
  19. 7OH

    Poweramp Build 825

    Please - do copy adb string on click - it's hard to write it in terminal on device ). Or run it with su.
  20. NicoleS

    v3 build 823 - High Battery Consumption

    Thanks @andrewilley I see it now. I'm trying one other setting with V3 before I move back to V2. Thanks!
  21. maxmp

    Chromecast casting not working

    @andrewilley I’ll try to get similar device on hands - that will allow to make it work and to polish it.
  22. andrewilley

    Chromecast casting not working

    So same problem as my Onkyo issue then. They may even have picked up code from the same source? @maxmp any chance of bringing Chrome 62 into the supported version list for Chromecast? Andre
  23. andrewilley

    Multiple level sorting

    This is something that has been requested quite often over the years, along with other additions to the category/sorting process. I made a suggestion a while ago which fits in very well with what you are asking, but I have no idea whether it's something that Max may someday want to implement. See what you think of the suggestion anyway. Andre
  24. Stonedowner

    Chromecast casting not working

    It's 62. Peter
  25. christmw2503

    Sort all tracks by Year not working

    When i sort all songs by year, results are all over the place. The most recently released tracks are right in the middle, etc.
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