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  3. I've been having this problem for a long time since February. I have my presets saved the way I want them but the eq or tone buttons turn off on their own sometimes. I even resaved the presets and later it does it again. I'm using the $Yaps $ skin if that helps.
  4. Sir, the Hi-Res option was there in Redmi K20 Pro before. The volume drop also seems like before. What has been changed in this new build?
  5. Yesterday
  6. i feel your pain, i always have a powerbank nearby and am also willing to help resolve or test this issue as much as possible. while i won't switch away from the app, it's a major flaw that affects me everyday... it seems to occur usually over long time usage. the longer you use the app, the more songs you play, the worse the performance is. i have a lot of apple lossless tracks because i sync from itunes. I'd buy the app 10x for this to be fixed, so let me know how i can help!
  7. Build 846: stream m3u(8)/pls/wpl playlists can be played directly from file managers experimental HLS audio stream support Hi-Res support for Xiaomi A3, Redmi K20 Pro Hi-Res support for Redmi Note 8 Pro via new MTK Hi-Fi variant support for Google (Web), QuickLyric lyrics search new Navigate to the Folders option increased max possible Stream Network Timeout Tag Encoding option is now used for non-unicode stream metadata multichannel DTS/DCA support fixed issue with buttons in visualization mode other fixes translations updates
  8. Andre, Thanks for your quick response. So the reverse "by play count" only work in All Song since others either don't have this option or doesn't contain all the music. What I am thinking is since there is a most played there should be a dedicated counter-option available, just like the low/high rating. And it won't be very hard to implement since the rule was already in place.
  9. Using the 'By Play Count' mode in any List Options, and then tick the Reverse order box, gets pretty close to what you are asking. Andre
  10. Also make sure you have Keep Service (and normally Use Wakelock) enabled in Settings > Misc. Andre
  11. Try disabling the system player first or make Poweramp the default music player.
  12. Maybe add a Least played listing option, opposite to Most Played, to encourage people to find their hidden gems. All the tracks with 0/1 or low play count will be in there.
  13. headset button dont work on Poweramp because system player respond first by example i press the headset button to pause song played on Poweramp and i want to reanude, i press again but system player start to play how i do to fix it excuseme my bad english i speak spanish Android Versión 6.0 Lenovo A2016a40 Poweramp v3-build-841-arm32
  14. Hi, One thing that I would find useful in Poweramp is to have smart or automatic playlists. So that if a new music file is added, it could automatically be added to a playlist if it meets certain criteria that the user sets up. Like of a certain genre or a range of BPM or a combination of criteria.
  15. I am using build 845 as of today, and had a very difficult volume problem to deal with. As usual, when I plug in my USB DAC that provides direct audio input to my car radio, the high volume indicator warning appeared, and lowered it to around 67%. However the actual volume was much lower, closer to what would be about the 10% level. And no matter how high I set it afterwards with the volume buttons or the volume control in the audio settings, the actual volume wouldn't increase at all, even though the volume dial indicated as much as 100%. I tried resetting all of my audio settings, I disabled/enabled DVC, I even tried turning off the volume panel and resetting the levels setting as well. The speaker and headphone outputs seemed fine, it was just the USB audio. I went so far as to save my settings and uninstall PA, then download and reinstall 845 with the same results.😡 After all this, I ended up trying the stock audio player. The volume was also very low, but when I used the volume button to increase it, there was another new warning message that appeared asking if I wanted to "Raise" the volume. When I clicked yes, the volume then increased as normal and expected in the stock app. Going back to Poweramp, the volume now worked again after increasing it with both the volume knob and volume buttons. I imported my saved settings, and all was working as expected. So the issue was not specific to Poweramp, but rather with the really annoying Android Pie handling of volume. I believe this was related to the warning after many hours of high level playback (20 hours?). But I have been using Poweramp for a very long time, typically 3-4 hours per day at least. This is the first time I have seen this particular warning. More frustrating though was the fact that the actual warning did not pop up while in Poweramp, the app that was live when the volume limit kicked in. @maxmp I don't know if there is anything that you are able to do with PA that can avoid this in the future. But if the "locked" volume setting that is planned can help, that would be much appreciated. This was a solid hour I spent trying to resolve the issue. And thanks Google. I'm a big boy, I think I can handle deciding on what volume levels I want to set without your intervention. Your efforts to constantly reduce the volume of my audio player are not appreciated. G
  16. Seems like you are right. The issue reappeared. There must be something wrong with Poweramp. I think it may somehow to do with the sleep timer. Since in the log below on Saturday, at that time I was sleeping.
  17. same issue/feature on OP6/beta25 on latest built -seek bar buttons, three dot and bottom info bar (output, next, track quality info) needs to be tapped twice -top visualization bar reacts on first tap but does not invoke opacity change
  18. I am experiencing some volume issue when using my Nokia 8.1 with a DAC cable. The following are the details: Phone model: Nokia 8.1 DAC cable: Hidizs S3 (Poweramp detects it as SONATA HD AUDIO) Android version: 10 with Android security patch level at 5 September 2019 Poweramp version : build 845 1) I set Poweramp to use Hi-res output when the DAC cable is plugged in. 2) Play a few songs, bottom of the screen shows I am using 'USB-Audio - Sonata HD Audio 24-Bit 192KHZ' 3) Detach the USB cable, the bottom of the screen shows I am using 'OPENSL ES OUTPUT 16-bit 48KHZ' 4) Do not change the sound volume setting 5) Reattach the DAC cable, bottom of the screen shows I am using 'USB-Audio - Sonata HD Audio 24-Bit 192KHZ'. I then play a song. However, the sound volume is lower than before. 6) Kill Poweramp from the app tray and reopen Poweramp. Sound volume is back to normal. Not sure if this is a bug or not. Many thanks.
  19. Yeah, I tried that a long time ago. It only stopped happening for a while, the next day it reappeared.
  20. Not sure if this is common for others, but I only appear to consistently get the high power usage and over heat when I play songs from a large playlist I have saved. Moho
  21. Have you tried to turn off the Chromecast button? The issue didn't occured again for me after I've turned off that option. You may scroll up and take a look at my previous posts for more detailed information about this bug. EDIT: The issue reappeared.
  22. I'm writing this with great disappointment, that I think I'll have to stop using Poweramp if I want my battery to survive longer. It feels bad to carry a charger / powerbank everyday to college even after getting a brand new phone Today, battery went from 67 to 31 with less than an hour of music playback. With all due respect, I know Max, that the issue isn't reproducible on your end, but that's a very lame response. Isn't there something we can do? Would device logs help? I'm ready to provide anything. So many people have this issue, it can't be neglected. My phone gets hot as hell, even hours of playing PUBG doesn't make it so hot. When this happens, I kill Poweramp, and the device is back to normal. I'm frustrated and sad while writing this. And I'll be very unhappy using another music player, because Poweramp's audio engine is unmatched! I am gonna try using Poweramp V2 and test this with it, just because I want to. I hope I find that apk. Peace.
  23. Please update to latest build 845 for the No-Reshuffle option (it was introduced in 842 I think) Andre
  24. I found a workaround to overcome this issue, that workaround being downloading Build 818 provided here: With this build I am able to get back that dynamic, loud sound that was lost when I updated my phone. Although the only issue I have now is just some audio crackling that can't apparently be fixed with changing the buffer size, but it's better than having the sound nuttered.
  25. Build 842-845, Pixel 3a with Android 10 QP1A.191005.007, Bluetooth 5.0. All tracks. With PowerAudio pro it works but I do not like it.
  26. Last week
  27. Since many updates before, when I try to enable hi-res output on my Xperia z3 it fails always. Also Xperia z3 chipset audio is able to sample up to 24 bits, 96khz by default. I tested many times using lossless flac 24b / 96khz but output audio goes by default to 16b / 44khz, tried to change to Java output and it only can sample up to 24b 48khz. So what's the point on playing a 24b / 96khz file limited to 24b / 48khz by Poweramp? hope there was a solution, because before it worked perfectly.
  28. It doesn't work in Genre or Composers on my device. I can see only track count and year. I can see a total length for that composer or Genre, but not a total length for each album in those categories. I mean a total running time for Genre... I have 339:20:31 for Alternative, 407:40:51 for Hip Hop... interesting numbers, but not really useful. The new NF album is 1:12:19 That's pretty useful to know if I'm trying to decide if I have enough time to listen the whole album.
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