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  3. NicutAlex

    Peak Visualizer

    Thank you, Andrew! I will try this and i will update you.
  4. Nightshade Ghostaltar

    Skins for Poweramp 3 : Luminous, Luminous Black, and Aurora

    Agreed, Both Devs are doing great, I have everything both make, was just missing Luminous - Material Poweramp v3 Skin and Aurora - Material Poweramp v3 Skin so bought them both now.
  5. MotleyG

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Good to hear that you are good to go now @toddmont. But strange you found one of the two folders to be empty. The examples you sent earlier clearly have files in distinct folders that I would have expected Poweramp to identify separately. I often find that when I plan to make any changes to my library, it is best to just add the new files. But if I make a lot of changes I start with a clean slate reformatting the card and copying all files afterwards.
  6. Oh really? I thought I noticed that. I don't know if skins can be altered like they were in the older versions but It seems like there's only so many variations and features you can do with them and you guys have tons of features in one skin. Like tons of skins within one skin.
  7. Hey! I'm new to this forum (but not to Poweramp) so I hope this is the right place to make the thread. If not, I'm sorry. So I wanted to assign a custom EQ preset to my Chromecast. I go to the "Assign" window for the preset, select Chromecast, and click "OK". But the Chromecast icon doesn't appear near the preset name, like how it appears when I assign other devices like the headphone jack. I've disabled "No EQ/Tone" in Chromecast Output settings, and this problem remains. Did I miss something? Is this feature disabled by the developer for some reason? Any kind of help would be appreciated! Poweramp version: v3-build-826-play Android version: Oreo (8.1) Devices: Asus Zenfone Max Pro m1, Chromecast 3
  8. What type files are they? FLAC, MP3, etc. Bulk type tagging is best done on a PC with a proper tagging App like MP3Tag or on your device with a full blown tagging app.
  9. Is there a way to auto-tag tracks according to an external database of known album listings? Poweramp has always played my Beatles album tracks alphabetically. Looking at the tracks in Picard I see that they're numbered properly. But in PA the track number is blank. I'd like to re-tag the tracks in whatever way PA can see the track number.
  10. toddmont

    Duplicate songs under albums

    I checked the music folder to see if there was another directory in there also called music.. there was not. i backed up the SD card, reformatted it using the Andriod app on the phone, and copied the music (and other files) back onto the SD card. I did a full rescan and still have the duplicates. So, I removed the SD card, powered back up and noted that Power Amp saw zero entries.. that was good.. I put the SD card back in and did another scan in power amp. It came back with the duplicate files again. OK then there was the big revelation...! I changed the Views on file explorer to get the full names and saw that some of the folders had a duplicate "(0)" appended to them is a separate folder. I deleted all of those and did a rescan.. it worked! So, to recap.. for some reason I ended up with song folders that around 20% had a duplicate with (0) at the end and power amp (correctly) picked those up as unique. Thank you blaubar for all of your help and patience. I am working now. Regards!
  11. Looks like @Mixified and @flyingdutchman are the only skins undergoing continuing development.
  12. pauldamo

    Yaps - Yet Another (free) Poweramp Skin

    Thank you very much,everything is fine now,it allows me to set the minimalist look that I prefer.
  13. I know right? I love those ones and the Aurora one as well. I have most the good skins that came out for VS3. I don't have a lot of money but it doesn't cost much to buy a skin and help support the skinners and get some great skins going for V3.
  14. Hi @Mr. Make Believe Thank you, I'm glad you like my work. I'm working on v1.7 which will be released next week. I have added something special for wave seekbar style For gray accent color, I will add it too. Thank you for your suggestions 😉 Sorry for my english 😁
  15. blaubÀr

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Sorry, I meant "(0)", as in the filename of your duplicate songs If there are no duplicate subdirectories in your music folder : you could get yourself another SD-card, or re-format the existing one.
  16. blaubÀr

    Volume low

    Try Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults
  17. blaubÀr

    Problems with my zenfone 5

    That could be the problem, for Pie you might have to do something. Try Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults
  18. hypomaniac-eric

    New Poweramp Skin - alternative layout

    Theo, Dang it's looking good. Nice slider knobs. You've came a long way on the skins.
  19. I'm using zenfone 5(ze620kl). Sound coming from Poweramp became distorted, at first I thought my earphones were broken, then I tried using other music app and watching videos on youtube, my earphones are working fine. I also tried using other earphones and they also sound fine except when I use Poweramp. I did not change anything in audio settings and eq. Also, hi res output sounds muffled since I updated my phone to pie, so I was using opesl es output but now opensl es is distorted.
  20. maxmp

    Volume low

    BT, wired, USB, anything else? Thanks!
  21. maxmp

    The cover does not appear

    Thanks for the file. Ok, this is regarding the embed cover. Flac forï»żmat has limit for metadata block = 24bits = 16mb max size of block. You have 19mb image there. Poweramp follows standard. I'll check if it's possible to workaround it, but sane limits are useful - as they prevent unnecessary battery/cpu usage and slowdowns.
  22. Lloydie

    Volume low

    Hi Max, am experiencing reduced volume on my huawei nova, even with hi res activited.
  23. toddmont

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Not too sure what you are telling me. Initially, I copied all the music form the phone to SD card using my Windows 10 box using file explorer. I just now went though the directories looking do duplicates and did not see and. There was one directory with backup that had some files, however these were not in the /music/* dir. I moved them to /music and did anohter rescan with the same duplicate results. I should add that the Power Amp settings are to only scan that one /music/* directory on the SD card. Are you asking of there is a /*(1) directory? I searched and did not find one. Thanks for the support you are offering. Any other ideas????
  24. Last week
  25. cccaptain

    Poweramp for Asus Zenfone 2 (x86 Device)

    I've had this problem since v3 came out. Just install and update with apks from this forum. They don't come out too often anyway. That's the best way, unless we make Max fix Google play for us. For me, the worst thing is Google play offering me "update" to latest v2, which is annoying. Btw, I hope your ZenFone is doing well. I have already had to change a lot of parts on mine. But it's worth it imo, I think this phone has potential to last a couple more years.
  26. +1 Doing so, maybe have the option to move the 3 dots bottom to the extra space.
  27. I would like to have this option, too.
  28. blaubÀr

    Duplicate songs under albums

    Did you perhaps do the move to SD card and then erroneously did another copy command ? So that now each subdirectory is duplicated, the duplicate with an additional "(0)" in its name ? Or first a copy, then a move to get rid of the data in the internal memory ?
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