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  3. @BMO it’s possible, but again you should know/get id of the folder first (it can be done via Poweramp API). Or alternatively, search can be used (provided that on android, esp. for latest versions you can’t use path to identify folder anyway). I’m open for suggestions to improve this, for example, I think it’s possible to add some 1-liner intent to search/play given folder by name (as it’s available now for albums/artists/genres/playlists, that will fail/play invalid folder if there are multiple of them with similar subpath, though).
  4. w3wilkes

    "Stop after current" with Timer

    I would guess with this change there'd have to be a switch added to enable the Timer. It appears that the current design is setting it to zero disables the timer.
  5. Nintendo Switch on Android (dock) over HDMI, mimics an nvidia shield tv, more or less. Can confirm LDAC HiRes works perfectly already with android on Switch seems like it would work over HDMI https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4410/~/how-do-i-play-high-resolution-audio-on-my-shield-tv
  6. Anyone know how come when i use open sl es hi res with usb dac it wont have sound? Only open sl es can work. my mobile is huawei mate 20 xmodel evr-l29.
  7. Hello, first of all, if there already is a "stop after current" function in PA, please tell me where to find it. I know this has been requested for some time. Anyway, I think the way I describe it below would be a nice version of this function. When timer is opened and set like this (time to 0 minutes and check "Play last song to end"): It just does nothing. Instead, it could do the "stop after current" thing. I think it would be logical to have it behave this way. Also the "Stop after current" function fits in the Timer related functions, so having it in there would make sense too. When the "Stop after current" function would be used, the Timer icon below album art on main player screen could be highlighted, just like when a Timer is set up. PS. Sorry if this is a duplicate Topic
  8. - For the play button that you request is the same size as prev/next buttons? - The option to change the navigation icons is the first priority for the next update. May take a long time. Thanks man! Thank you!, For your request, sorry, I don't think that's possible.
  9. Prasad1337

    Poweramp lockscreen support for Android Q

    Wow that's disappointing... Thanks for the heads up!
  10. clever_man

    Poweramp lockscreen support for Android Q

    @Prasad1337, read this:
  11. Prasad1337

    Poweramp Build 840-841

    Sucks about the lockscreen.. feels like a huge step backwards!
  12. Guys, I'm on the latest Android Q beta 6 and the Poweramp lockscreen no longer works. I have to unlock my screen to control just about anything.. Is this intended to be fixed in upcoming releases?
  13. When I disable the "Show album art on Android lock screen" setting, it also disables album art completely in Android Auto. I feel like these should be controlled by two different settings because I don't want lock screen artwork but I still want to see art on my car's headunit. App version: v3-build-841 Phone: Pixel 2 on Android 9
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi, I'm also looking for a way to play music from specified folders (with MIT App Inventor)! Too bad it's not possible, I'll try your workaround maxmp but it looks tricky, if anyone has another solution I'm interested ;)
  16. an1uk

    Android Auto

    I found I first need to get rid of the default media player in the Home app. Press the person icon bottom right. Press settings, then services, then music. Then select "no default provider". It should them ask you which player you want to use when you play a song, and will give you the option of Poweramp. I haven't yet found a way to get the voice commands to work how I'd like. For example asking to play an album name results in the first song from that album in alphabetical order being played, and Poweramp proceeds to play the next song on all the album's you have in alphabetical order.
  17. Here's a sample From ARTISTS category -- ALBUM ARTISTS --
  18. Check for proper tagging then use Album Artist category. It will combine all songs by halyosy. Make sure you have the AA tag per track.
  19. Hi, using Samsung Note 9 with Pioneer AVH-Z9200DAB head unit. I noticed sometimes the audio ducks for no apparent reason (presumably my phone is receiving a notification and I can't hear it). Would still like it to duck for navigation instructions though. Is there a way to prevent this? Also which audio output device does Android Auto use? Many thanks.
  20. Snowplow Floater

    Minimal - Simple & Clean Poweramp V3 Skin

    Great skin - the cleanest I've yet come across. Just one complaint: when you hide the top buttons (which I like to do as I never use them), the track counter is placed over the album art, and if said art happens to be white or light blue/grey it can be very hard to see. Perhaps add a thin dark outline to the text, or else move it to above the track title (there seems to be some room there)?
  21. hrolf1713

    Minimal - Simple & Clean Poweramp V3 Skin

    It doesn't have to be a permanent change, but I think it should at least be an option.
  22. Prosenjit

    Waiting list function not like intended?

    Go to settings>library>Queue in Poweramp and disable this option if you want to start playing after end of current playing song. Alternatively you can activate this option for start playing immediately
  23. if it possible, it could be useful because some of tracks have more than one artist in one tag on their song (such as artist names separated by the word "feat.", commas, etc.) I have several vocaloid songs in which the artist's tag contains the name of the author / composer accompanied by the name of the singer. I find it hard to play songs with the same composer at once because I have to make a playlist to combine all tracks into one. thanks for advance.
  24. Not sure if this is the right section or it has already been discussed (searched for waiting list and scrolled a little) but here we go: It's about the waiting list (Warteschlange) Feature: I already know this feature from my old Xperia z2 player. You are listening to some song which makes you feel like you wanna hear a specific other song NEXT. So you look for it and add it to the WAITING list. I'd expect that the current song finishes BEFORE the waiting list triggers... The current implementation starts playing the waiting list right away. Is that intended? I'd prefer if it starts after the current song and wouldn't interrupt it. alternatively an option to choose between those 2 behaviors would be acceptable as well.
  25. Hello i'm having my Android 8 head unit connected with a reverse camera. After i installed the Poweramp V3 build 841 when i put my car on reverse 40% of the time my screen freezes. If i press the home button i can use the apps including Poweramp but my camera won't start working again if i won't shut down the head unit and leave it off for a few minutes. Anyone else had this issue?
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  27. flyingdutchman

    play list not on file

    And if you want a specific app to create, manage playlists, there is always my app New Playlist Manager. It has a lot of integration with Poweramp
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