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  2. @maxmp Hi-Res seems worked in Mi A1 CustomROM maybe they included the Qualcomm patches as they using latest-CAF but i dont know, i faced this while using stock ROM too. but sometime this Hi-Res output doesnt work, its like not recognizing my headset being plugged and start to make an inappropriate noise, idk what its called, i need to restart my phone to fix this idk if this rom bug of pa bug, maybe you can figured it out. Im using PA Beta 709
  3. You are using the alpha version of Poweramp and wants immediately a fixed version without providing any log or further informations to help the bug fixing process? Seriously, bro?
  4. You are right but it's a pity that Poweramp think only english. What about "un, une, le, la, les" in french or "ein, eine, der, die, das" in german. And so on with others langages
  5. clever_man


    @dipanjan maity, beta will be released when it will ready.
  6. Android oreo, it is crashed every time after 1 minute of playing song, I used alpha version, it should be fixed immediately. Thank you.
  7. Joe Gent

    Music stopping

    I forgot to report I have the same issue with 790 preview build. I just have to press play again and it resumes for a while.
  8. Sure DTS a proprietary (licensed) codec, used by both video and audio files. To aviod licensing issue, other music player like AIMP can play DTS file by passing DTS encoded audio to DTS enabled amplifier to decode. I am surprised that Poweramp (a music player) does not handle DTS till now. For all DTS 5.1 sound files, only hissing or white noise is played via DTS enabled amplifier.
  9. dipanjan maity


    App should release in this week.....
  10. https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/5-bug-reports-Poweramp-v2/ https://forum.powerampapp.com/forum/4-feature-requests/
  11. redgar

    DLNA UPnP support

    Up! I really like this player, but DNLA support is a must! Please consider implementing this feature.
  12. Power Optimization - Disabled. Keep Service - enabled. Thanks anyway - delete new version and install clean version of 709 - seems now it works. Don't know - what helps solve problem.
  13. clever_man

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    @7OH, check "Keep Service" in PA settings and disable power optimisation in the system settings of app.
  14. Found one big bug on 709 version. (maybe not bug - correct me). Device - Huawei P10 on android 8.0. Default player selected to Poweramp in settings. BT - Sony SBH52. After start BT - i press play button on BT and my phone start GOOGLE MUSIC or just MUSIC app. If i start PA manually - it catch BT commands. It catch it until big pause (and player will goes off). Today i've try to install version 790 - and it works - it start play in PA. Who can confirm, that 709 cannot start play by BT command (if player was not started manually).
  15. So MiA1 doesn't Support Hi-Res Audio ? but why in USB Audio Player they can output up to 24/192khz (Direct mode with Hi-Res Driver Output Selected) edited : works fine in latest local log it's show 192000 when i play spotify , latest local log show 44100 it mean work or what ? @maxmp
  16. andrewilley

    Default vs Black Neon Skin

    Not a large difference, no. These old skins are all going away when Poweramp v3 is released though, so a bit of a moot point now. Andre
  17. Restarting device temporarily solved this problem for me.. every time hi-res fails, i restart my device and it works fine.. hope this bug would be solved in the next update..
  18. utahman1971


    Never, just like the Oreo update to my unlocked s7 edge. The more I would like this released and get Oreo, it is just never going to happen. I am tired of waiting for things to never happen. This is what I want to do to myself and just wake up after hoping these things are released.
  19. Hi, on my tablet, I cannot tell the difference between the default and Black Neon skins. Is there a difference? Thanks.
  20. If you are asking whether Poweramp sends full library listings and cover art to Bluetooth head-units, I don't think it does (it never has for me anyway). Have you ever seen that work from PA on your device? Andre
  21. Yesterday
  22. Thanks for sharing the links but I was talking about getting the notification fixed for 8.1 because i don't like the UI of V3 alpha & V3 new UI is not yet completed
  23. invaderzim

    Music stopping

    What version of PA have you installed? Have you tried any Alpha or Beta versions?
  24. Musonda

    Music stopping

    It was ok when it was trial version not until it was upgraded. Do I need to un install both the app and the unlocker since I already I did with the app and not the unlocker
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