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  1. How do you decide that he does anything at all? Do you live with him or what? Lol.
  2. What is the meaning of this topic, if no information is given here about Poweramp V3?
  3. Ahahahah. Lol. How many years need to wait? Would you answer?
  4. Lol. More than a year there is nothing, there is no information. What are you talking about?
  5. How did you decide that this guy should show something to someone? Enough to write any nonsense.
  6. No beta. No sound engine ( I know that. Ha ha) No feedback. No. No. No. Nothing at all.
  7. Once again I repeat : like to eat lies? Sit on your ass and say nothing.
  8. Sit still and continue to eat what you are fed. All good? Then swallow what you are fed for so many years and orgasm from this. You whine even more than most of the writers here. Lol Understend already at last one thing. Max dosn't answer for all of us at his forum , but writes to one person who then reposts him (Max's word's). Is it normal? I thik that is not normal.
  9. Although I'm wildly distressed by the fact that the update is constantly postponed, but I do not see any alternatives to Poweramp. Tried other players and always returned to Poweramp (during listening to one song in another player?).
  10. Enough! Stop poking us V2 version! There is a V3 with a non-working Hi-Res! We are all waiting for the update with the corrected Hi-Res support for 7 Android! All. Nothing more.