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Build 948-957:

  • new Lyrics area
    • available on swipe up from main screen or via lyrics button
    • configurable via Settings
    • synchronized lyrics tag (SYLT) and LRC files are supported, as well as unsynchronized lyrics
      Use Rescan Lyrics Tags option to pick up previously unrecognized lyrics tags
    • pinch to zoom in lyrics view to change a font size
    • new API for 3rd party lyrics plugins
    • as previously, missing lyrics can be further searched in 3rd party apps
  • widgets and widget configurator update
    • more advanced options for widgets on Android 12+ such as corner radiuses, new fonts, shadows, paddings, etc.
    • widget Material U colors for Android 12+
    • new widget presets for Android 12+
    • previous widget styles may require minor adjustments
  • new options
    • Seekbar in Navbar
    • Layout - Full Cover
      Moves all track labels and buttons below cover. Works best on long screen phones
    • Track Labels
    • Labels Background
    • No Background for Navbar
    • List Background
    • Lyrics Background
    • Custom URL for Preferred Lyrics App
  • PowerampAPI now exposes track extras on the intent level to simplify Tasker automations
  • added Bengali, updated translations - huge thanks to all Crowdin translators!

What's New in Version 03/17/2023 06:05 PM


Build 957:

  • widget animation disable option in widget configuration (other page)
  • fixes for avrcp bluetooth info not updated for some firmwares
  • UNSYNCEDLYRICS tag support
  • fixed parametric Q factor over 10
  • fixed standalone streams importing
  • new Android Navigation Bar: No Background option. For Samsungs @ Android 13 - to hide the default navigation background
  • increased max. possible number of list items for Auto. The number is larger if "Album Art for Tracks" is disabled, but still limited to about 1700

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