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Build 829:

  • Audio / Direct Volume Control (DVC) options
    • No DVC Headroom Gain
    • No DVC for Bluetooth Absolute Volume / Media Sync
      As some devices lie about Absolute Volume status (Pixels), DVC+BT is disabled for them unless this option is switched off manually
    • Disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume / Media Sync
  • Ignore Video Tracks now also handles .3gp formats
  • Samsung @ Pie + DVC + Hi-Res (up to 192kHz) support for firmwares with changelist > 15516145
  • Samsung @ Pie default audio output is either OpenSL or Hi-Res, depending on changelist
  • separated List Options / By date added sort to By date added/modified and By date added to Library
    Applied to files and folders Library / Lists / Sort By Filesystem Date/Time option is removed
  • By play count sort for tracks
  • By number of files sort for folders/albums/artists/etc.
  • Show All menu action for Most Played, Recently Played, Recently Added
    Show All action reverts Clear action
  • Look and Feel / Skin / Transparent Navbar
  • Look and Feel / Skin / Light / More Light
  • Library / Scanner / Symbols to Split Multiple Genre
    Changes the way genre tag is split into multiple genres
  • categories meta now includes total duration
  • Folders Hierarchy meta now includes total children hierarchy number of tracks and duration
  • webp images support (in folder, downloads, embedded)
  • improved gapless for iTunes-tagged mp3
  • improved Chromecast album art support
  • improved wav format support
  • FiiO X5, M11 Hi-Res support
  • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  • bug fixes and stability improvements


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